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It is now the 30th

  • Pre-ordered mine weeks ago, and received an email last night saying that it had been postponed and had a new estimated ship date of January 29th. What the fuck?

    Yesterday, I went to the only Indigo in Toronto that had copies available. You’d think that the only store in Toronto with copies would have had them out on a shelf somewhere, but no they did not. When I finally found somebody to help me, he told me that they won’t be on the shelves until today or maybe Friday. I should have found some hot chick to ask him. Dude probably would have dug out the box from the stockroom and grabbed her a copy in a heartbeat.


    It looks like I’ll have to wait to buy it. Shit.

    Yup as soon as the bookstore opened. Why don’t they have 24 hour bookstores?

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    3 copies right next to the infected paperback.


    Are that you singing???

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    and up to #15 on the Thrillers list.

    ETA: OK this is weird. Contagious is #6 on Amazon’s historical fiction list. Someone thinks that this already happened?

    Is Julie Andrews involved in getting Contagious into this category?

    First of all this is my first post, so if anything looks funny, please excuse me.

    I am not one to spend mextra money, especially these days so it was a very hard decision to pay for something that I could get for "free", however, considering the FDO has given us so much, i figured it might be my way to show my appreciation…….

    Anyway, went to the Borders at Penn Sataion in NYC and got my copy. I am not sure how many they got originally but as of 1:00 there were only 6 left.

    Good Luck Scott and thanks for all the stories…..

    I had to ask for it when I arrived around 11:30am.  They gave me my signing number #8 and said they were lined up outside the door at 10 am this morning when they opened.  Get the damn books out so people can see them! Geeezzzzzzzzz!!!!

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    Posted in another thread, but may be better here….

    Went to the local B&N to pick up a copy…..

    Not only did the bastards not have it on the new releases table up front, they didn’t have it in the new releases area under fiction. 

    In fact, they didn’t even have it on the shelves under the FDO’s glorious name!!!

    They had to go in back just to get me a copy!    They said that since it’s not labeled with an SOS (Strict on Sale) they didn’t have it out yet…  Hope they get swamped!!!

    But I’ve got it now!  and it’s beautiful!

    SynapticJam on Toast – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken (aka PUVJK) #2 in crack hits (Special?  Ain’t I just)

    S.H.I.T. Award Recipient and all-around uberjunkie! 

    On the front page of


    I’m Headed Down there on Lunch to get my copy. Gonna try to drag a friend to get one as well!

    It’s five and one-half hours into the 30th (East Coast time) and Contagious is #26 on the Amazon thrillers list. That looks like a good start to me.

    On the East Coast. If I could find a book store open, I’d be buying the damned book. However I live just about the middle of nowhere and everything closed at like 9……… I Want MY FUCKING BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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