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Issue with Itunes and NOCTURNAL #6

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    Same thing happened to me today. I just got started this week and double checked

    that I didn’t  screw anything up on the download. Seems I didn’t but I’d like #6

    pronto so I can move on over the weekend. Any simple solutions appreciated.


    Thx, Dts 


    UPDATE: I went to the podcast location on this site, downloaded, renamed and

    replaced it in my iTunes library. Seems to have done the trick but it would be

    good to get a fix on iTunes for future listeners….. 

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    seriously if you need to hear episode six download it from the zune software I was pissed off with the fucking itunes software and then I realized why not just listen to it on the zune software where it has the correct episode. Fucking apple screws everything up.

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    That’s odd. I really just started listening about half a week to ago and I found no problem. Undecided But good luck with that.

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    Just learned about siglerism yesterday and have been feverishly listening to the podcasts, since. Great stuff.

    Unfortunately, I had to skip episode 6 of NOCTURNAL, because the Itunes podcast archive of episode 6, is actually the same as episode 5. That means I missed first meeting the old doctor and the fortune teller. Love to see this fixed and actually here the chapter.



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