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Is there a way to subscribe via RSS to forums?

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    Yeah, I don’t see anything like that to specify I want to be told about replies to this thread that I started, if anything, I would have thought that something like that would be automatic. Also seeing just a blank page when I click on the subscriptions link. Who knows. Hopefully someone will be able to tell us what is going on. Maybe just not fully implemented functionality yet.

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    When the new site first started I was notified. Now I’m not. It seems there was a place to click on your reply if you wanted to be notified. That is now gone. Also you can click on your name and there is a link to the subscriptions page. Unfortunately, it gives you an error at this time. Don’t know what’s happening.

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    Or even a way to be notified (or subscribed) via email of new post in a particular forum. I’m assuming (hopefully correctly) that one receives an email if someone replies to their post?

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    I’m new here, and wondering if there is a way to subscribe to a forum, or all forums, or the thread of a post in a forum on this new site. Any help here would be appreciated.

    Thanks! And glad to be here!

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