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Is there a transcript (typed version) of Nocturnal?

  • Just export a PDF of the text, I’m pretty sure Scrivener has that function but I might be thinking of something else….

    Thank you. Maybe this’ll be enough of a hook to suck me in to the audio book. I guess I’m just a bit whiny about it an need encouragement. thanks again.

    You can get the first episode in PDF format here: Click on the link to download the PDF. I plan on getting the rest of them in PDF form, but who the hells knows when that will happen …

    A friend of mine wants me to listen to Siglers books (pointed me to Nocturnal first) And I’m not too into Audio books. However, I like to read. If anyone has typed up/knows where to find typed of version of this and other of his books, it would be much obliged. Thanks.

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