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Is there a connection between The Orbital and Marie's Children

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    @axios: With all that extra DNA floating around in Marie’s Children, the Orbital’s effect would really be something to see.

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    I wonder what would be the affects of the orbital strains on Maries children .

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    Thanks Mr Sigler just interested

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    @axios: We might get to that someday. Bryan in full post-NOCTURNAL mode, taking care of a little business. Would be a blast.

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    Also it would be cool to see Brian clauser and Pookie in action against bull and the other orbital and Chelsea forms, they’d be lije a”ah a nice easy day at the office”. Brian with the things he faces of Maries children a bull lije Jeff wouldnt faze him.

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    I also think the Orbital always was in geostationary orbit above Michigan; all of its attempts were localized to the Michigan area.

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    @Serapheem That is a great insight, but I can say with certainty that, no, the Orbital is not responsible for Marie’s Children.

    However, someone else on this site suggested a story where one (or more) of Marie’s Children gets “converted” about the time of PANDEMIC. That would be a fun story to write. Hopefully someday.

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    Throughout the series its been mentioned that the orbital has made multiple attempts before the first book takes place. I don’t remember though if all the attempts were documented. So the question is are Marie’s Children an unexpected result of one of the orbital’s first attempts?

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