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Is The failed pimp taking over my brain?

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    After Contagious; Nocturnal is my favorite Sigler book. I pary to the Dark Overlord that he will continue this story. Pookie Chang is my hero. I loved it how the last Pookie scene ended. I dont want to give it away, but those who read it know what i am talking about. Pure genius

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    ……simply because no one else has. Cool

    <Bloodcast pity party> Everyone always forgets the BloodCasts Cry Poor BloodCasts. And that’s what Scott won both of his Parsec Awards for. Does anyone appreciate them? No. It’s all novel this and novel that. </Bloodcast whinyness> We currently have 8 titles up over at

    and on iTunes. The bigger, badder, meaner, hungrier, & deadlier Ancestor will be re-issued in conjunction with the hardcover release in June.



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    for the next selection. Go and get yourself an EarthCrack fix and then move forward again to the newer releases! 🙂

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    But that’s just so I can play devil’s advocate

    no i can’t

    yes i can

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    …you will be assimilated.

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    and enjoy the ride. You are being assimilated.

    After you finish the Rookie, I suggest Infected and Contagious or you can go back to the beginning with Earthcore. All good, or all evil, depending on your perspective.

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    But you’ll love it!

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    I think The dark overlord is taking over my brain. I have been listening to the Rookie for about a week now. I am on part 22 and i cannot stop listening. Although the other night i actualy had a dream that i was on the team. I think Scott Sigler’s books are trying to take over my brain. I don’t know if this is the way Scott Sigler is attempting to take over the world by controling peoples brain but i cannot stop thinking about his stories. Keep up the great work!

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