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Is Pine the biggest D-Bag in the GFL

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    The only thing I can think of is that Pine has what most would consider to be an awesome legacy to consider. I’m not saying he isn’t selfish. But would Quentin give up a Hall-of-Fame legacy to save an up and coming quarterback’s temporary image?

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    maybe you would like to see him play in the prawat games? i know a few people like that…

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    Pine is a D-bag but I’ve seen worse here on the planet earth. His name is Shane Walsh. In fact, I’m about ready to send him to an unknown planet in the GFLverse.

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    Q is d- bag for falling asleep on his gf!!!!

    If I m her kill him

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    Pine is full of crap and his arguments about why he won’t man up are self serving. All the Krakens put themselves on the line for Pine simply because Quentin asked them to.They didn’t know that Pine had betrayed them and dug a hole for himself because of his gambling addiction. They trusted Quentin because he had earned their trust and Pine’s issues were Quentin’s business because the team is Quentin’s business. Self preservation is understandable, but Pine is continuing to be self serving and self centered. He put his team in serious jeopardy and Quentin’s motives were pure and came from a place of love. I wouldn’t want anyone to know I was that big of a loser either but banking on Quentin’s integrity to ensure a few more years in the GFL and perhaps a THIRD championship ring is low down. Pine wouldn’t have stopped gambling and shaving points if Quentin hadn’t stepped in. Quentin suffered significant personal losess as well and never ratted Pine out. I don’t care how much Pine has guided Quentin. Quentin has made huge strides because he chooses to be better. He’s come an astronomical distance when his life has given him every excuse to be Warburgh all over again.

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    Yeah i have to say Don Pine is too much of a likable character to think too poorly of him. i mean hes always helped Q out with great advice and support mostly unsolicited but still great advice! He selflessly helped Quentin succeed in his own starting posistion when he could have just sabotaged him from the beginning

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    No his not this more Quinton Barns whining and not seeing the big picture. As much as I love the guy has the worst case of tunnel vision that he should have sonar. Don is right, he will survive infact in this book he does just that surviving the fire storm and coming out on top. Don however how many years does he have two maybe three if he can really drive for the top spot.

    Anyone here remember Heath Ledger? Who here upon looking at the words Heath Ledger and know who he was did not think about The Dark Knight and his performance as the Joker? I am going to feel pretty safe in saying that it’s just about zero. But imagine instead of The Dark Knight being his last performance it was Brokeback Mountain for those of you who don’t know the movie is about homosexual cowboys. Now I don’t have problems with either cowboys or homosexuals but lets just say I have heard some people have a problem with it.

    Now imagine your know for two things, this is where all of your self worth is wrapped up. Imagine that everybody respects you for these two things and other than that you hate yourself. Those two things are two GFL championships, where you were at the top of your game when you were hailed as the greatest person of your age. You were there until you got in deep trying to feel something because you hate yourself so much you got greedy made bets you couldn’t possible cover if things went bad. Imagine it turns out it’s true your not actually worth anything and some people come along and tell you as much tell you, they tell you to start throwing games otherwise your worthless hide is dead.

    Imagine by some miracle you get out of this. Some one pulled you out of your own little hell.
    And then they say… “Tell everyone your worthless that those two things that everyone respect you for mean nothing cause your actually worthless and people should know what you really are.”

    Tell me now that don is a douche bag. You don’t rise to the top of any profession and then gamble your hard earned cash away if there is not already something wrong and I know people gamble but there is a limit and a line where you say hold up this is way to self destructive unless your that kind of person. All Don has is reputation and he wanted to make this guy his legacy but if he has to sacrifice mentorship for reputation I know which his choosing. Because he wants to be remembered for his championship performances not for his darkest moments.

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    I don’t think so, at least not the biggest. He is just looking at it in an altruistic sense in his mind. COmming out now would hurt him and help Quentin, but by not comming out it will fuel Quentin even more. Watch out opposing teams.

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    I think it’s hard to judge Donald Pine based on this one event. Singled out, one can say Pine should have owned up to the unethical things he did. But doing that would jeopardize his endorsements, his position on the team, his viability to be picked up by another team – all of this when his career is waning. By admitting his involvement in his past illegal dealing, he jeopardizes his future earnings.

    I think anyone put in the same situation would have to really think over the consequences of both being truthful and letting Q take the fall. Both have long reaching ramifications and in the end both will hurt Pine. I think the character just takes the option that will hurt less all around.
    To some degree I agree with Steffiebaby – Pine knows Q will come out of this situation unscathed. Based on some of Pine’s self portrait paintings, we know Pine is *not* in a good place mentally and the fallout from admitting his mistakes could prove less cathartic and more damaging to his already fragile facade.
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    “Grooms Walk” is a reference to the novel Nocturnal. **shivers** that part was very…..disturbing!

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    That is true steffiebaby140 I guess, its just that when i was younger i was always told to take responsibility for my actions so I was really thinking about it when I was venting. And zigzag what is the “grooms walk”

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    i think he should do the grooms walk

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    Well…even if I think its kinda cowardly to not take the heat, I can see Pine’s point. Everybody will forgive Q, he’s the star of the universe! The big star can get away with anything. But Pine is on his last legs here, and I wouldn’t want my career to end with a scandal either. And, in Pine’s defense, he didn’t ask for Q’s help…he didn’t ask Q to do all the things he did. Q threw himself into a situation that was frankly not his business and took action, his choice, his consequences.

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    Well just listen to the new episode of The All-Pro and I think Don Pine is the biggest D-Bag for not stepping up to take the heat off of Q. And not taking the punishment Q is taking. So what do you all out in Sigler’s World?

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