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is Brian really the king?

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    The Irishman from Ohio

    not mentioned that Brian’s sample of damaged or different from the others?

    The Irishman from Ohio

    I just threw up a little bit in my mouth,  thanks Jam

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    I could have sworn that Scott said Mommy would have to do it with a King to make another Mommy…  Maybe a forum pool as to who she gets it on with…  Between the two, I’m sure it would be Rex… but wouldn’t it make a cool scene to have Bryan strapped down to the "Bed" while Mommy undulated over to him with that come hither look in her eye and shooting out those "Take Me Now King" pheremonal vibes….

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    Bryan is a King.  Rex is a King…  It’s official.  Next?

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    It might be a bit out of Scott’s Hard Science realm though…

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    -but i wonder if he is going to take the battle to them?? and exterminate the queen

    #1 in crack hits, for now anyway

    -can make it seem true  and with the intervention of time and continued mutations, at least one offspring could appear to fullfill the false prophecy

    …but if a group of people believe enough, want enough, Need enough, Consensual Reality can be bend to power of group’s Faith. If only for a little time. They could have wished for a "King" and their collective wills help increases the chance of it happening. throw in the constant fears of the Savior to reinforce the belief and wallah. Stuff happens.

    The Irishman from Ohio

    The prophecy is indeed fake.  It just happened to coincide with a genetic shift/mutation in the Nocturnals.  The "kings" like rex and bryan are indeed special.  As first born indicated when he had trouble resisting the compulsion to obey Rex.  What it really means in unknown as of this time.  We just have to wait.

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    -the prophecy is a fake, the king is not "real"
    what is real is the nocturnals BELIEVING they have a king and follow him blindly
    bry bry is the end of mommy and the nocturnals will need to find a new way of life, those that survive,anyway, the end times that are a comin’

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     So far there has been no mention of a Nocturnals reproducing with Mommy. There has been no mention of Marco"The Machete" being a King. It was stated he was a Ring for a human working top side/above ground for his Nocturnal brothers and sisters.

     I am going to listen to all the episodes again this weekend to x4 this. If I am wrong I will reply back to say so.

     Besides, the FDO can always change the story however he wants before it goes to print.

    The Irishman from Ohio

    The King is a nocturnal that is capable of reproducing with mommy and other humans to make normal superstrong nocturnals/humans. I guess these is what is implied when they say that the King will come to free them and let them roam on th world above.

    Yes, Hillary has “safed” many of “possible Kings”, one of these was Gastano, but he turned out to be sterile and unable to reproduce… as far we only know of three possible kings…the First King and now Brian and Rex….and mommy is the one who makes the saviour and the king..the saviour is the good and the king is the evil….that is why saviour kills the nocturnal…this brings about the classic good vrs evil dilema…i think brian will become the saviour and rex the king……


    If Rex or Bryan could have kids what would the kids look like? And what could the kids do that wasn’t normal??? 

    "Urban legends go well with parmesan and horror. In fact their name is conveniently one and the same: Stevie."

    No choice…  exterminate the nocturnals baby…  Besides, if they kill mommy….  no more nocturnals… 

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    …keep his sanity before he can do that. Hell, he really can do anything he wants. Just as long Pookie does not die until Nocturnals: Book II. Or Book 11. What ever works for the FDO*rtm*.

    The Irishman from Ohio

    Brian is going to have to decide whether he wants to become the new Savior or take over leadership of the nocturnals…….hmmm

    Mc B. Pookie has already had Mommy, they dated in high school he did her lovely!

    What if somehow Savior was a disaffected Nocturnal who ended up in Mommy’s love nest, then had to take the groom walk, but actually escaped, and his "seed" begat the kings Rex and Bryan…  ungh.  I know it’s full of holes, but imagine what that would mean.  You think Aggie has some nightmares… imagine surviving the "mounting" and then actually getting away… 

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    if this is the way it plays out, they’d start to mutate and produce deformities in their offspring. Ugly deformities like when cousins from West Virginia get married–dim-witted kids, and some with snake heads and fur…wait a minute…!

    – Prospice tibi–ut Gallia, to quoque in tres partes dividaris.

    Yeah Talon1701, I’m thinking the same thing, Brian and Savior are brothers, after-all… So Savior (or his ‘father’) has to be one of Marie’s kids.  Savior ain’t long for this world, Brian is the only one to defeat him, he’s getting in good with the feltchers… er… fletchers.  Yeah, Brian gets the big scary house on California St.

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     Stone Mason suggested*I think* that some organism had the potential to WILLING change their bodies. At least on the cellular level. It would not be long they could start to effect the tissue level. The older the Nocturnals with the Blessings, the more evolved they could be come…

    The Irishman from Ohio

    -the HUMAN nocturnals with Savior like abilities "Smell" different. hence the "King" fullfillment issue. there was after all that "Earlier" KING fiasco that hillary wasn’t around yet to witness. AH, life in the hive. happy happy joy joy.
    anyways, ya’ll know my position on the KING/SAVIOR issue.

    Maybe they can reproduce, and that’s why first born wants to be rid of them.  Of course, what would the progeny be?  And if they’ve been doing this for awhile, wouldn’t there already be a bunch of "princes" running around? 

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    There are a lot of unanswered questions here.  The hives complete and total reliance on Marie appears to be inviolate.  I’m going to have to listen to 1st born’s thoughts on the existence of the "kings" again.  They were created as a legend to give the nocturnals hope.  But then where did they start coming from… and with genetic markers to lead/rule.  Rather interesting, really.  Can’t wait to see how it all pans out… 

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    -and can they even reproduce??

    …the autopsy of Mark Gastono. the machete Nocturnal. Some of them might not be able to reproduce even if they wanted to. I hope not of the Nocturnal think of in-vitro procedures.

    The Irishman from Ohio

    -they might continue to live, but their way of life will change, no more baby noct’s, they may reproduce, but without any outside, new dna, their offspring will begin to degenerate fast, and even so, their dna becomes more diluted

    You’re making what could be an important point depending on how the story continues past this book. It’s so obvious that often slips past my attention –the genetic link with this entire “family” runs through the mother, not through a common father. Marie is the key. If she’s a freak of nature, rather than the product of some other mixed breeding between a more human Nocturnal (e.g. Rex or Brian) and a fully-human female that produces a female child with the zed chromosome…the story has to start and end with Marie. At least the story as we know it. If something happened to her though, it would be interesting to see what follows with the surviving hive. Thoughts?

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    Do you really think Pookie will bend that far? His moral compass would have to drastically skew to allow that. And what about Mommy? What happens with her? Pookie and Bryan won’t let her continue her steady diet of homeless bums and people of ethnic descent…  

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    The chief is just a norm trying to protect the public…  And Bryan is a "King"…  there can be more than one, not really official, but we got it from the FDO himself after we plied him with alcohol in H-Town… I’m just curious if Savior was a ringer or a king…  probably a king, as they’re the real bad-asses…  can’t wait to see Bryan all decked out in Savior weaponry..

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    Brian is the new savior, Pookie is his partner.  They kill Rex-Then 1st

    Born & Tricky Dick, Brian and Pookie have a summit and all goes back to a semblance of normal….With the Nocturnals having a license to kill the mob…..

    Do I win? 0

    Keep up a good tradition- Smoke a pipe….

    Nah.., Brian is an above average bad ass undoctrinated Nocturnal. I was hoping that Chief Amy Zoe’s two girls’ father was the 1st Savior. I say this because i was hoping Chief Zoe was the 1st Savior ringer. Then Brian becoming the The 2nd Savior with Pookie becoming HIS ringer.

    Irishman from Ohio

    -I do not know what sigler has in-store for us (unless…). now with that said
    Bry Bry, Rex and Ericson are "siblings" as are all the nocturnals. they are just appear "HUMAN". not all nocturnals have "special" powers, some just look creepy. Bry, Rex and Ericson are of the "King" variety of HUMAN nocturnals. The prophecy of "the King" is a false Prophecy, only made real by how the Nocturnals react to the HUMAN nocturnals… (Can you really believe that ericson was "warded off" by the symbols drawn by the nocturnals?)
    Bry Bry has an instinct to do as the Nocturnals do (He is one of them, after all) He also has the training, instincts and morals of a good cop. He is basically a good person. this will win out over what he was born from. Ericson, if he survives the hospital. will be allowed back into service (or escape and return to his duties) and bry bry will probably help him (or at least not hinder him) curtail the nocturnals and maybe set them back in population size and Marie probably won’t survive. first born probably will survuve and disappear (sequel), tard HAS got to survive, that moron has the BEST "special" power. There will be a blood bath. Nocturnals, the Italians, the Russians, the cops, and others will be involved in a final "let’s settle this right now" "end of everything" battle (or not) and those left standing will sort things out, spoils to the victors, as it were…. end result, no nocturnals (or greatly descimated)
    but then, i could be all wrong in this
    or i am just a HAPPY damn dirty junkie doing my FDO’s will by sending out red herrings (and mumo00 that isn’t food, get wallared to explain this) or not….

    It sure seems like he would make a great savior… but I think Sigler won’t allow that to happen…  I think he’ll save that for the next book…  I think this one will end in one of two ways…

    1.  After a huge battle wherein most of the Nocturnals die and Bryan will have blood on his hands… hell all over himself.

    2.  Bryan will take over leadership of the Nocturnals and take them underground even further. 

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    I say that Brian is definitely the next savior. 

    I actually hope that I am completely wrong as it seems a bit too predictable for the FDO. 

    They’re both kings… It’s a genetic marker. a new ‘evolution’ in the species… Marie started popping them out awhile back. Marie is a freak of nature… Can’t wait for the ol’ father son talk though!

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    I think that Brian is the king, Rex is an unkown, perhaps planted by an enemy to the Nocturnals that we dont’ know about yet?  Robin will stnad by Brian, maybe become the next "queen" but in a completely different way then Marie?  The new queen to the new king?

    -i think because the prophecy of a "King" was made up in the first place, these pretenders to the fake throne are just nocturnals that LOOK human, and because of this there are saviors as well and Bry Bry. the question is, how many "HUMAN" nocturnals has hillary "safed" and have any of them been in first borns service? and have there been other saviors? or only one? and became of the other safed "HUMAN" babies that did not become saviors or a "King"? sounds like the making of a sequel or fan fiction….

    Ya they kill the humen babies, but in the episode were rex first went to "home" some of the nocturnals looked humen… remeber? so that means Gastino might have not been humen… i remeber it had something to do with there sent…

    Mc B  yeah what he said, but having said it will the sigster fuck with it

    I was going for the clever brian vs. bryan thing… didn’t quite carry…  

    SynapticJam on Toast – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken (aka PUVJK)

    SynapticJam on Toast – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken (aka PUVJK)

    Nate Dogg (#7 crackhits if SOMEONE doesn’t keep trying to pass me)… "life is hard. But its one helluva lot harder if you’re stupid"- -John Wayne

    just kidding

    Convoco vel intereo, [1st Dutch junkie] All that matters is getting my fix.

    -and all the speculation in the world won’t matter a bit when the shit starts to fly, all bets are off once the melee begins

    Some asses will be kicked 

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    I think Brain will repace savior and limit the damage done by the Nocturnals

    -so, self healing and short of decapitatin, it could be possible for them to "come back" to life. Could silver inhibit this ability to the point of actual death?
    and remember the difference between a "King" and a "Poser", i guess gasino was a poser… but still had some of the same abilities, and if silver works as an inhibitor or killing agent, then that would explain the silver dusted arrow and maybe why bry bry has a preference for back attire.

    Has an agreement been made on the significance of the silver dust on savior’s weapons?  Is savior going to die from the dust or the "regular" wounds?  Can the nocturnals be killed by "normal" means?  Or would they, say "regenerate" or have the ability to heal from a normaly fatal wound? 

    Also, have we differentiated between the nad-less and the naded? (i.e. Marcus Gastino, human but w/o nads vs. Bryan, human w/ nads – considering his relationship with Robyn).

    And if the Nocturnals kill the human babies, does that mean Gastino was also saved by Hilary, and if so why was he working with the badies and not thought of as a king?  Because he didn’t have the nads to lead? ‘Cause Kings/Saviors have the nads (sic) to lead/defy the badies?

    They’re both Kings… Both Bryan and Rex.  It’s a genetic marker, not a job position.  The real question is, will Bryan supplant Rex as the king and kick is ass, become a savior and kick rex’s ass, or just plain ol’ kick some ass?

    SynapticJam on Toast – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken (aka PUVJK)

    Because Rex is an A$$, but I guess that’s expected since he was terrorized most of his life.  However, I’m @ chapter 24 and the Savior has been injured.  Marie’s children and the Savior must share genes, how else would he be able to recognize Brian on spot?  Maybe Brian should become the Savior since he’s the one that jacked him up.

    I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I don’t know the answer.
    — Douglas Adams

    I think that Brian will become the saviour #2, since he has superhuman strength and he is on the goodie side. It will be become Brian VS Rex in the end. And my Dad’s latin skills say that Rex is King in latin.

    I agree. Scott wouldn’t miss an opportunity like that to make things more interesting and tense 🙂

    The other thing that I wonder about is whether or not Rex and Bryan, if he is a human nocturnal (humanoc?), can have offspring. The ringer that savior killed couldn’t, due to obvious bodily problems, but maybe Rex and Bryan can? That would at least lead to a second potential book 🙂

    it was FOAD not ESAD

    • These gathering hosts of loyal junkies, under the command of the great SCOTT

    so if bry bry is a nocturnal human, this might come up as an issue with Robin,

    i bet she finds out brian has the zed chromosome, and this becomes an issue not only with their relationship, but also as a way to open brians eyes to the world of nocturnals even more than it already is

    I didn’t say nuthin’!  You can’t prove anything! 

    SynapticJam on Toast – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken (aka PUVJK)

    We know something other junkies dont.

    • These gathering hosts of loyal junkies, under the command of the great SCOTT

     of the nocturnals and savior(s)
    what ever his history or powers or whatevers, his sense of right and wrong does not fit with either.

    Houston Junkies Rock!!!!  even (or especially) the honorary ones! 

    SynapticJam on Toast – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken (aka PUVJK)

    it’s on the left under Navigation 

    SynapticJam on Toast – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken (aka PUVJK)

    -to control the masses, but it took on a life of it’s own and became a PROPHECY that seems to have come to pass with rex. as with most prophecies (nostradamus for one) they can appear to be true in retrospect. with the numbers of "human" children marie has had, one was bound to fit the bill. it could have easily have been bry bry instead of rex. but the truth of a prophecy is in how it is played out and the belief of it’s supporters in that reality (did that make sense?)

    I have to he’s my brother and I live with him

    • These gathering hosts of loyal junkies, under the command of the great SCOTT

    You may be right about Brian. I don’t know if he is the king though something is definely unique about him. He might be from the same line as the savior.


    yes treed, you have been known to be wrong…..frequently

    What was the episode where Bryan went home to visit his ‘dad?’ 

    No sig today. Sig tomorrow. Sig always tomorrow.

    Rex may just be some guy who sly etc has been setting up to be the king for his own purposes but i have no idea how he would do that 🙂

    brian is obviously (almost) the baby of mommie sent out to fosters by hillary so unless scott is gonna reveal he adopted the dreams and stuff by some other means then that is the only real answer. Brian is one of mommie children but i doubt thatll stop him killing her if they ever meet 🙂

    *Looks wildly around* Wasn’t this brought up somewhere else too? Hmm… Oh well. But yeah, those are my thoughts too. 

    "Urban legends go well with parmesan and horror. In fact their name is conveniently one and the same: Stevie."

    Who’s to say that it’s false.  Just because First Born and Mommy thought they were making it up, doesn’t make it false.  I think every seer, psychic, tea leaf reader and prophet has made up a doozie just to see if it makes the papers (or scrolls).
    Tastes Like Chicken

    Isn’t it obvious that both Rex and Brian were babies born from Mommie, and then taken out by Hillary before they could be killed?  That explains the dreams and feeling of kinship.

    Maybe firstborn will use Brian as ‘king’ to counteract Sly’s Rex as king? 



    "Urban legends go well with parmesan and horror. In fact their name is conveniently one and the same: Stevie."

    -is false, but a believe in it can make it true, even for those who invented it, if it does indeed come to pass. maybe first born under-estimated the power of positive thinking, huh? Huh? HUH?

    I’m trying to clean my soul after the mental image of a cock of steel.  *shudder*
    Actually, I’m thinking that sometimes, prophecy – even made up prophesy – comes true in the way you least expect it.  He can bring balance to the force by wiping out the Nocturnals.  I’m all for that.  Well, everyone but ‘Tard.  I like ‘Tard.
    Tastes Like Chicken

    And prophecy says he will bring balance to the Force … er, well, you know what I mean.

    So, he’s Harry Potter AND Annakin Skywalker influenced, perhaps?

    He certainly is in touch with "The Dark Side" … 

    -i see him as the bringer of the end, but then i have been known to be wrong ()

    After listening to episode 22 I am almost wondering if this isn’t a set up for us to find out that Brian is really the king.  Think about it he has the exact same dreams where he wakes up with the cock of steel going.  One of the things that also indicates that for me is that he is able to take out the Saviour which tells me that he is able to do more than Rex ever could.  I think that it is too convenient for Rex to be the king.  Where as we have been given information that really does lean towards Brian being the king.

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