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Is being named to the All Pro team a big deal?

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    Yes being named an All-pro means alot to players. It means that they were one of the best at their position for the year. In most cases it does mean more money. They get performance bonuses. As to what it means in the Siglerverse I would say it means pretty much the same. It’s something all athletes no matter the sport strive to be.

    And to your other question. My family is from north Florida in the panhandle and I live in central Florida now. Your right it’s not a common name but I have seen or heard it used in a few movies.
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    OK, I’m a faithful listener but one of those people who doesn’t understand football. This, of course, speaks to the genius of Scott that he has me hooked on a story about a sport I don’t understand. Anyway, we learn that several Kraken’s were named to the All-Pro team. I read the Wikipedia article on All Pro. I was wondering, is it mostly just an honor? Is it something that players really desire? Does it mean more money? A cool ring? Does it mean something different in the Siglerverse?

    If dozier1375 reads this — “where are you from?” You and I have the same last name and it isn’t all that common. I’m from Virginia.

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