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iPod/iPhone app problem I didn't know where else to put this post

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    My app is toast. It hasn’t worked in over a year. I just can’t delete it though it’s sooo cool.

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    I know I’m a little late to this party but I finally have an iPhone with no download data limits, but the books page is blank 🙁 Don’t suppose there’s any chance of an update coming soon?

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    I wonder if it has anything to do with the new iPhone software that just came out? I just updated yesterday and know the app is not working right. It was working all last week.

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    Opened the app and all the books (and tweeds) have disappeared – help!

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    Doug, are you there?


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    everything’s working again. Thanks Doug!

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    I am having the same issues. When the twitter section doesn’t crash the app, it just sits there forever.


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    He see’s a problem and is working on it now.

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    …at least not with the FDO’s app. I’ve gotten similar errors with the FourSquare app, though.

    I have noticed one curious thing about the FDO’s app is when it sends out notifications. If the FDO’s notification came when I already had a text notification, the app shows a little number, as if I have a text to check. But when I launch the application there’s no where to go to read old notifications. Might be nice to enhance the app to archive the notifications that have gone out previously.
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    I just love the app but in the past few days it seems to have a mind of it’s own. First, the books section is totally blank. It’s a great way to re-listen to the books but they’re gone. Next, the twitter section works for about 2 seconds then the app closes completely. I reloaded it but it’s the same. Anyone else experiencing malfunctions?

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