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Interesting Question to Ponder….

  • -of "human" babies and the number of them that are potential "Kings" so it would take a long while for the numbers to build up, however, since mom’s DNA is only factor given to that type of modification, at most, half the babies could be "kings"/ringers, right now the number of kings produced seems to be lower than 1 in a hundred (my opinion, but since she is popping them puppies out at an enormous rate, i would say it may even be lower)

    Theories about Bryan being a King have been around ever since the concept of a King and a Savior were brought up…  Dig through the forums if you’d like.  I’m with you on the feeling of indebtedness, but the FDO has heavily introduced a sense of "obedience to the King" That definately applies to Rex and seems to potentially apply to Bryan as well…  I can only assume he’ll tell us all about in in future episodes.

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    I like it.  Why then aren’t more and more of the new children ringers and kings?  Wouldn’t mommy make more and more of them?  

    SynapticJam on Toast – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken (aka PUVJK)

    I swear that I speculated that Bry Bry was a king like two weeks ago. .  That being said I think that he truely does have an ability to save people that isn’t quite normal which in turn compells that them to help him out because of an underlying feeling they like they owe him.  He also has a bit of a reputation that if you don’t get it when your the one that possesses it might confuse the heck out of you.

    Bryan and Rex are both "Kings." However, a King is not the savior of the Nocturnals but the next evolutionary step in the progression of the Nocturnals. Notice how the difference between a normal person’s dna and a nocturnal’s dna are just slightly off from one another, this would allow for a slight change in its physical characteristics. Because the "King" nocturnals look like normal people the myth of The King is not completely false. It is true that the King, or kings, will bring the Nocturnals out of bondage because they will be able to walk outside with out much notice. I believe that the reason that First Born was submissive to Rex was not because of a special ability that Rex has but because Rex is an alpha nocturnal. It is natural animal instinct to be submissive to another animal that is more "perfect". The alpha dog of a pack is generally the dog that has the greatest physical attributes. First Born had to initially fight off his instinct to kneel in front of Rex when Rex demanded submission because it is more of a natural behavior. So yeah Bryan and Rex are kings but there are probably more out there. 

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    who knows what genes are "diluted"  thru many generations of mating with
    ordinary humans. the genes are weak for Nocturnal attributes but still there…..
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    -the sub-chief would have no knowledge of the prophecy, just the effect of dealing with a "King". but bry is older and he "King" scent might have faded or changed enough to not have as deep effect as it once did, especially on people he is thwarting

    But I don’t know if I go for the Pookster being related to one of them.  I mean, if pooks is too, who isn’t?  Erickson doesn’t pick up any vibes off him at all.  It it kind of cool to think about though.  Captains of Industry, great leaders, military men, all Kinds, reaping the benefits of the genetics without even knowing it… 

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    Since Hilary has for many , many years, been saving babies that "might be a king"  from certain death,and sending them out into the surface world, it could be there are many "kings" that are currently living, and like Rex and Bryan have special attributes that set them apart physically and allow them to mentally connect with the Nocturnals.
    Pookie may be a generation or two away, maybe a great great grandfather was one of these "saved Kings"Hence his sexual attributes and his ability to charm, in spite of his apparent gauche personality. 
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    If he wasn’t affected by the magnetism of the king, he might have recommended whacking him earlier… 

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     all the time.

    I think Robertson is working for the mob and is so scared shitless that if he doesn’t do what Lanza says he might wake up with a horse head in his bed.  That’s why he is doing what the mob says, his fear out weighs his awe.  Robertson is in awe of Brian, look how long he tried to protect him.

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    -mumo00 actually agreeing with me in public

    Up until that line where Brian muses about people who do stuff for him, I always took everyone’s cooperation as a byproduct of Pookie’s social engineering.
    He never forgets a birthday, a mention of a life issue or any detail of anyone’s life.  He actually CARES about the people around him and what happens to them.  He’s a foul mouthed hysterical lunatic, but a caring one.
    But now … maybe it’s not people returning Pookie’s pooki-ness, through helping Pook’s partner but rather Brian’s inate Kingness.
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    but i agree. For once, just once, you’re right on the money treed, dammit

    so much more, so much more to think about… SCOTT!! YOU BASTARD!! well done

    Well, Treed, I think in this instance you summed it up quite nicely.

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    i agree with both of you and theres not much more i can add. i just cant wait till bry bry figures it out… i wonder what kind of reaction he will have?

    -with this and some other things i have "heard" or been implied, i still think what i have said about bry bry to be true, even more so than i have thought before. bry has such a negative reaction to the nocturnals and the "savior" had such a negative reation to him, seems like he’s the key to bringning their uglies ass (and faces) down. with rex having the upper hand with first born (what is gonna happen there??) bry just might have a way in to make for some major confusion. however, what were the actual curcimstances in which the prophecy of the King was born? i believe that may be a key to to bry and rex’s powers. did the fact that mommie was part of the conspiricy have anything to do with the creation of the king(s)? because of the fact there have been more than one king in the past (and only one actually made it back, before rex). we need a history of this, what actually happened when the prophecy was created? and what effect/affect did it have on the participants? did it wire marie to create kings and ringers? so much more, so much more to think about… SCOTT!! YOU BASTARD!! well done

    So who else here thinks that both Rex and Bryan are "Kings" and that they both have an inate ability to make others want to help/obey them.

    Rex uses it on the Nocturnals, and Bryan unknowingly is reaping the benefits from others … But if that’s so, why not have someone like Robertson conflicted about "hurting" Bryan? Thoughts?

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