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Interesting 1st chapter…..

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    I was thinking the same as you but then I got to thinking that the thing about Sigler is that it could go anywhere. It may be a little predictable for a demotion struggle towards the end and I think that an outright win is just too unlikely so I wonder if the football will play less of a role to the main story and used in order to affect the stories off the pitch meaning that we could end up with a distinctly average season finishing position for the krakens. If I wasn’t expecting at least another 5 books in this series then I would say a win could be on the cards.

    I do think that we’ll have a couple more deaths though and at least one signing that seriously affects the team dynamics.

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    So we’ve now heard the first chapter of The Starter and have to go through friggin’ withdrawls until September!!!!!!


    So what doyou think will hapen this “season”—

    Me- they’ll need to win their last game to stay in the top teir. And will barely do so…

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