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Inter-Galactic War (Spoilers)

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    It would be possible to have another inter-galactic war but it would be the Prawatt and the whole Creterakian empire since the sklorno are ruled by the Creterakians.

    Also since the team bus was attacked and evasive maneuver were taken that landed the team bus in Prawatt space and no beacons and such were sent out during the chase the Sklorno would have no idea what has happened to the Krakens team bus. So no COQB coming to save the day

    Thats my take

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    Listening to the podcast has provided some insight I didn’t catch on my first reading of the All-Pro. I’m now incredibly excited for the inevitable upcoming war between the Prawatt Jihad and the Sklorno.

    The Sklorno threat laid out in the chapter about the civilian ship explosion, the rapidly expanding church of Barnes, and the Prawatt kidnapping together. Put all together it makes me think early in the MVP we will be dealing with all out war between the Prawatt and the Sklorno.
    Am I totally off base here, or is this something so obvious that it makes me a dunce for not noticing it in the first place? What do my fellow Sigler Crack Addicts think?

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