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  • yeah , it is very random but I was suffering from insomnia when I posted this… there was a bad storm that night and I was listening to contagious (I was just about at the part when an infected went to bed under a rug, hence the sleeping under a rug question) and I couldnt stop picturing people curling up under that old style rug your grandma use to have, the one that circled itself like a race track. Little kids, a lone janitor in some schools basement, an elderly couple pulling the rug up to there necks after the goodnight kiss… I was getting a little freaked… maybe even the neighbor next door? It was a good night. I wonder what the FDO’s spin on insomnia would be? Any thoughts?

    Thats alright… I still have my guitar.

    random discussion???
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    a rug….But I have been accused of being under a rock. Weather here is very pleaseant.

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    2 am… pouring rain up here in MN. Still I listen. I wonder if anyone is sleeping under a rug this evening.

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