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Infected: The Graphic Novel!

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    I just picked up a paperback copy of Infected and the Graphic Novel this weekend. Perry looks freakin’ deadly on the cover. I’ve listened to the audio book several times and love it. I can’t wait for Pandemic. Super Excited!!!!!

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    Christmas is not going to happen, unfortunately. The artist, Chad Minshew, isn’t done with Issue #2. IDW has been patient, but they won’t put our more issues until all four remaining issues are done and in their system. So we’ll be lucky if issue #2 is out by January.

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    I got my copy of number one the day it came out along with IDW’s continuation of the original Transformers comic. The art is great. I just wish they were able to get this out in a collected trade paperback by Christmas. I’d love to get my siblings Infected under the tree.

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    rassafrakin doublepost oops

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    TFAW can get the comic, but you have to pester them.

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    My two autographed copies of the Infected comic arrived in the mail today. Artwork is terrific. I’m not really a comics/graphic novel guy but I love these. Can’t wait for the rest of the series!

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    It might skip a month, we have to see. The artist has has delays. But after that, we expect smooth sailing through the final issue.

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    Hey Got the comic yesterday, it’s great now how long for the next part ?
    1 month ? Keep them comming

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    WOOHOO!! Just got my copy of ‘Infected’ at the local comic book store and got another shopper to pick up a copy too, by hyping the Dark Overlord! What have you done for FDO today?

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    @Troystory3: I asked IDW about this, they said it won’t show on ComiXology until it is actually in stores. I don’t know the details, only what they told me. Just a few days!

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    We’ve had problems finishing the first issue, but I’m told it will be out August 1. Sorry for the delays!

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    I’ve spent the last week looking for it and checking comixology app. Just drover over the my local comic store and it’s coming out August 1st. Can’t wait!!

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    I don’t know if this true for other Canadians, but I have been having a bit of trouble pinning down a copy of Infected. At this point I am just going to wait until all the issues have been released and do a mass order from somewhere.

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    The release apparently got pushed back, my local store is telling me the first issue will be out August 1 🙁 I’m tired of waiting for this.

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    @Streetmedicz, I looked for infected, Scott Sigler, and Chad Minshew and none of them were listed in Comixology. But when I looked for other new books on IDW’s list of July releases, they did not come up either. I wonder if it has to actually publish before it shows in Comixology… Also, I am all for digital, but make sure to pick up a paper copy!

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    I’m ready to get this on my iPad, but neither Comixology nor IDW’s app finds any results when I search “Infected”!

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    Where can I by this! I want this like now!

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    Whoo hooo! Super excited for that!

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    Oh Wow!

    In doing research for my Completely Comics Podcast I came across the list of July ‘Solicits’ from IDW. This is how comics companies announce officially when to expect comics on the shelves. Here is a link to all the IDW July Solicits, INFECTED is listed about 3/4 down the page! There’s an awesome picture of the cover!

    We are going to pimp it like crazy on our show. Feel free to call into our listen line at 641.715.3900 and enter extension 694617# and say how awesome the book is and how you can’t wait for the comic!



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