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Infected Sighting

  • name of bookstore but if you take the boat from Kowloon to the island, go straight across the street and there is a bookstore on second floor of the building.

    Where did you see the ‘earthcore’ book in HK as it the only book I do not have and I would want to buy it?

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    Have been a bad Junky (mostly because I haven’t had internet access outside of work).  In January, I had to go to Hong Kong to take care of a Visa issue for working here in China.  Stopped in a book store and sitting on the shelf staring back at me was none other than infected.  I think I saw the EarthCore cover as well but was in a hurry to see a man about a horse at the time so didn’t do much more than go cool the Sigler Stank ™ is now stanking up Asia.  Also in good news they are letting the stank back through the  ‘Great Firewall’ as for most of April I was unable to get the feed to update for me.  Get Internet in March lose the Sigler feed in April.  China has not been the best place for a Junky but that seems to be changing….

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