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Infected for real? Is that a sniffle or just ebola?

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    @athanas: Yikes! Mine was no where near as bad as that; mine was about the size of a dime, and only one lesion. It’s a peculiar kind of painless maiming – the more you dig out, the better you feel. It’s more psychologically disturbing than painful, though the days building up to the diagnosis and beginning of treatment were quite painful.

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    @BigJohn: yuck. Luckily in all the years of grappling the worst thing I got was a touch of athlete’s foot one or twice, (oh, and that jacked up shoulder,). Staph and MRSA scare the shit out of me.
    Want to never sleep again? Google “Kevin Randleman Staph”. Looks like someone tried to take core samples out of him.

    Glad to hear that you’re on the mend.

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    well the R in the MRSA means resistant so I’m thinking your right to be looking for blue triangles

    I’m also conserned after reading such research material how you would wonder how/ where you contracted this thing, I mean really? think about it 🙂

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    Thankfully got through it with only using a knife, no scissors. Just got the lab results back – it was, in fact, MRSA. Which is strange and a little disconcerting how I would get such a thing.

    And yes, I checked constantly for triangles. 😛

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    Do you need to borrow my chicken Scissors BigJohn?

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    I just had a pretty nasty little infected abscess in my arm. AND, i had to cut it out of myself, leaving a nasty hole like a bullet wound. The whole time I kept telling myself, “You…gotta…have…discipline!”

    Pretty sure it wasn’t Ebola. Most likely Staph, possibly MRSA. Should find out for sure this Friday. The doctor said I was about a day away from having to go to Emergency and get I/V antibiotics.

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    Soooo, blood from my eyes is NOT normal?

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    Anyone else keeping tabs on the progress of the ebola outbreak in Africa? It’s now multi-region and the largest since they started recording these outbreaks in the 70s, (according to the CDC). These regular outbreaks always seemed like an smouldering ember that gets snuffed out in the nick of time. This outbreak has been described as out of control ….


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