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Infected fans in Tampa?

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    At least Chris Kyle didn’t grow up and become old & ugly. It really is special to be saved by GOD.

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    Hey junky friends.

    I’m curious if any of you are in Tampa and planning to go to TampaBay Comiccon?!?! I’ll be body painting there and I’ve always wanted to do some sort of body paint of somebody who was “infected” like paint on the triangle on the arm and do the painted eyelids so it looks like eyes are open when they are closed?? If any of you will be there Id love to do this!! Let me know. Also I’ll be at Dragconcon. I wont be set up painting at a booth there, but would possibily be able to meet up and do a paint on somebody one of the days.
    I’m thrilled that Scott actually follows me on Instagram and would LOVE to be able to post something like that for him to see. Or at Dragoncon show him in person.


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