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Infected Comic Covers

  • How about when you print those posters included,, will it also depend from the printer if they do similar to original one? We have this local printer called, they are known to provide quality print, but just thinking if the actual print can also be better from the physical forms.

    I believe IDW still has digital copies they’ll sell you for $1.99. No shipping! 😛 has them for $3.19 +S&H, that’s where i got my unsigned copy from a while back.

    Nice find John – I have 2 copies of # 1, bummer that it is cancelled. The 1st book was good. Cool to see the other covers, but I hope they all get out there some day.

    Good God, I didn’t know these existed!

    Here’s the link to Graham Cracker Comics if anyone else wants to grab a copy or two. Even with S&H, it’s still cheaper than Mile High Comics.

    Oooh!! I can order it from my local comic book store’s website for only $3.99 and can even pick it up there so I don’t have pay S&H! *happy dance*

    Mile High Comics has them for about $12.80 for a Near Mint copy. less for lower-quality. I’m sure there’s a bunch of places that still have them online, but i doubt any comic shop still has them.

    I only purchased the e-version as well, @exotiKali. Does anyone know if hard copies are still available? I should have at least one copy for my collection, especially if the rest of the series is never completed.

    Will! I’m hopeful it can be resurrected. 🙂

    I like that last cover. It’s pretty much how I imagined it when I was reading the book. This would have made a great comic! x

    I’m not sure I like the split-panel covers. I like the montage of issue #1, and if split-panel would be, say, the cover for #2, then I think it would have also been good to experiment with other layouts, or at least rotate in a montage as well. He could have at least changed the split to, say, left-right, or change the angle of the split, or do a 4-way or 3-way split. Lots of options.

    I do, LOVE, however, the not-in-the-book perspective of Perry opening the door with the knife behind his back. Makes me just want to yell to Bill to run away.

    *flails* Man, those are awesome.

    I never got around to getting my own Infected comic. >.>

    Those look good. I like the split panels. Would’ve looked nice in print. I had the other issues on pre-order before they got cancelled from a comic place online (no comic places nearby here).

    i got a signed copy, an unsigned copy, and the digital version of the first comic (got the digital version because i couldn’t wait for the print ones to ship).

    I’m sad. Those covers are awesome. I have the e-version of the first comic.

    Can’t believe I had missed this until now. Thanks for the post BigJohn.

    When the news came out last year that IDW’s Infected comic adaptation had stalled until further notice, we all let out a collective “dagnabbit.” I got my three copies of Infected #1, the only comic to make it to the shelves. But apparently issues 2-4 were also available for pre-order to comic shops.

    For your amusement, here are the covers for issues 1-4 of IDW’s Infected. I believe it was planned for five issues, but apparently only the first four issues were available for pre-order.

    Infected #1
    Infected #2
    Infected #3
    Infected #4

    Comic Collectorz is hosting these images, from their online comic database. Individual plot summaries are also availbe for each issue at

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