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'Infected' by Stephenie Meyer

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    Thanks for the comment, Scott, I really appreciate it.

    Thanks for reminding about The Passanger, the memory of this story makes me shiver – have to relisten it today. Private Pippa Remic crypt episode also.

    Can’t wait for The Crypt to continue – for me it is by far the best book You have written so far.

    Thanks, Scott.

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    Melladonna420?????? LOL!

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    @Amiko: Yes, @Melladonna420 is right, THE HOST is very different from INFECTED. My book is more about parasitical control of an organism. THE HOST is similar in that an alien organism controls a host, but it’s more of a symbiotic relationship: Meyer’s aliens are the more traditional “possession” kind, using you as a vehicle. If anything, THE HOST is more similar to my story PASSENGER than it is to INFECTED.

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    The Host is much more like Invasion of the Body Snatchers than Infected.

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    ‘The Host’.

    ‘Infected’ by Stephenie Meyer straight to the big screen.

    Any comments, Scott.?

    P.S. I must admit I havn’t actually seen the movie (and don’t plan to watch it anytime soon), but according to the trailer the idea is very similar.

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