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INFECTED Book Tour Fun Stuff

  • Here are a few pics from the Infected tour. Sorry I’m tardy to the party.

    Me with my book…


    At the Seattle reading….


    At the pub crawl afterward…


    All photo’s from the Infected launch can be found on Flicker here

    Wired Pig
    Chief of Secret Police – Guess its not ‘secret’ anymore…
    Married, again, with 5 daughters… Scott has NO idea what true horror is.
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    so that I (who lives in Europe Cry) can get an idea what it was like during the fDO’s Famous Book Tour

    [1st Dutch junkie] All that matters is getting my fix.

    Here are couple of shot of the Siglerissimo in Houston.

    I hope you do, this would be very entertaining!
    *I am the Rear Admiral but Sigler gives the Orders*

    I’m going to have a lot of time in the airport and then the flight.. I’ll see what I can do! 

    SynapticJam on Toast – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken (aka PUVJK)

    So please post them again here, and tell us about your experience.
    *I am the Rear Admiral but Sigler gives the Orders*

    Junkies…Anything about the INFECTED Book Tour, post here….Pictures, Comments….Pictures of you with the book….Funny stories. Share with us anything about the Great Promo.

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