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Inconsistency in Infected

  • writing his name in the snow

    Hey, love all the stories Laughing

    Now listening to Infected for the 2nd time, and it occurred to me: if the seeds fall from the sky, and (the lucky ones) take root where they fall, how did Perry end up with one on his balls? Nude sunbathing in Michigan during the winter? Or do the mites travel that quickly?

    I hope i am not alone in this observation, but the original scene where Perry kills his best friend in the apartment, he gets ready to leave and goes over to the Fat Bitch’s apartment. then the cops show up at Perry’s apartment and find the ‘DICIPLINE’ message written in blood on the wall. at no point does Perry actually write the message on the wall. i really do hope that this was found and fixed in the print copy. Oh, and Sigler: you can’t damn my eyes twice.

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    I didn’t notice that.  It’s not like Scott has never amde a mistake before…


    Did you fix the episode where you say that Perry has no phone line because he just uses his cell phone and then later in the same episode he is waiting for his dial-up connection?

    BTW – I love all of your stuff to date.  thanks for getting me hooked on Celldweller

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