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I'll be frank: questions about SEX. SFW, though.

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    my guess would be that she would be seen as bringing new potentail members to the church, but what do i know?

    but i like to think that some where out there, there is a QB that is one just to get laid by every species in the galaxy. (QB status, so he can have sklorno that (ten to one) wont eat him.) and he just roves around in tear two or three, dosnt even care about humans any more. just going after the alien tail. . .

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    Are humanoid species the only species to mate for recreation in the gfl universe?

    When female Sklorno get preggers, I’m sure it wasn’t on purpose, because the pregnancy ruins their career…is there any concept of rape in their society, or is it just “Oh, well, suck to be you…congratulations!”

    Speaking of female Sklorno…they seem a little TOO excited to catch passes…is considered “safe sex” for them? A half-hour of receiving passes, then a cigarette?

    If a female Sklorno gets knocked up and her career ends, is she banished from the church of her chosen quarterback, or does she go home and get a higher position in the church homeside for having directly received said QB’s passes?

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