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    I did not even think of these things, you guys now your shit!

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     A lot of the tie-ins that Scott has planned will come out in future novels…  It’s all good…  As he’s said, he’s got on timeline.  That’s it…  it all fits – somehow….

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    The Kii are the invaders, and no, the Skorlono are the rocktopi’s enemy….

    And the rookie is the best story scott’s ever released.

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    I stand corrected, after some ribbing for not listening/reading The Rookie based on the fact that I hate conventional sports, I must admit, it’s a quite enjoyable story even for a nerdette like me.  Anywhoo, I was wondering, if the Kii(sp?) are the invaders from Infected/Infested/Infection/whatever responsible for the triangle spore attack, do the mysterious "Enemies" of the rocktopi appear in this story as well?  My money’s on the Quyth if they are here.

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