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If the FDO had his choice, what would be the first Sigler graphic novel or movie?

  • For me – infected is a no brainer for a live action movie! As for a cartoon or graphic novel … I think either or both would be a great companion to the GFL series … I really think that medium would enhance those books for me … so you should get right on that. Yeah I know … mind my own business … but it was a good question.

    That would be my first choice for a Graphic Novel, and also probably for a movie. If it makes moolah, then they could make CONTAGIOUS and PANDEMIC. I would be happy with just about any of my works being turned into a graphic novel or a flick.

    My personal choice would be Infected, but I really want to know what the FDO would choose for his first graphic novel or movie. They could be the same or different but I would be curious as to the choices and why. Preach to me FDO!

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