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If rex is not a foster child?

  • Oh, good point. Now I’m wondering how Hilary got the list!

    And why Roberta would be on it if she apparently hates children. 

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    And I’m glad you’re with us to participate in the friendly banter! As I recall, you recovered from a stroke. You might want them to apply some medical attention to your photo though–something bad has happened. (Grin.)

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    The recuperative affects of Siglerism are shown again! 

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    I doubt that the insurance company would have been fooled by fake coverage. Have had $750,000 in medical clams last year, I have become very intimately aware of how the industry works. I’d have to say that one of the bright spots of surviving to see another birthday is that I found the FDO’s stuff while recovering.

    Where did Hilary get the "List"???  And how did Bryan’s Dad end up on it?  From their conversation, I would almost have thought that the homeless vet didn’t follow the list and just brought the kid to them, but somehow, Hilary had it on the list.  Would they take a second child? 

    SynapticJam on Toast – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken (aka PUVJK)

    …In most places money will buy one anything. Even fake insurance papers.

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    In one of the first few episodes, after rex got his arm broken by boyco. in the hospital roberta complains that it going to cost because they don’t have insurace. Some time later some one corrected this error say all forster children has medical insurance.Sigler said he would correct this, now that it has revieled that the birth certificate that roberta is documented as Rex’s "mother".This means rex wouldn’t have the insurance a foster child would. 

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