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    I found a great setting for a Nocturnal sequel (if there will be one and you haven’t already started to work on it), Sopot, Poland. High buildings there are not, but there is a pretty impressive bay, some very quiet woods with few visitors, and not to mention, it’s in a Tri-city area along with Gdansk (a very historical and Gothic town) and Gdynia (a large port town). Sopot has the largest (i believe) dock in the country (The "Molo") and it would be interesting to see more of the science of how Mother moves her home. (yes, I know that Pookie and Brian reside in San Francisco, but, it’s still an ideal location for any novel and I’m still surprised that it hasn’t been used in any book I have read yet (I am an avid reader, so yes, that is a lot) I hope that this information will somehow be useful to you in your future works.


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