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Idea for a sigler verse TTSG

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    The human group you’re missing is the Planetary Union.

    Do you have the hardback or ebook for THE ROOKIE? There is a Galactic Timeline contained therein that should give you an idea of who was fighting with whom during the time period you’re investigating. If you do not have those, you can check the siglerpedia article with the same information.

    So I had an idea for a Game that is kinda a combination of star wars armada, battle fleet gothic, and necromunda. it would take place well before the Creterakian take over, so when all or at least most of the races are at war. but im trying to figure out what all the sides would be. I’m sure i need to be set right on some parts. the forces i have thus far are;

    league of planets
    purist nation
    ki rebel alliance

    I know im forgetting one of the human groups but i cant remember the name, and im not certain if harrah or leekee took part in any of the war, as well as all of the other races. I have most of the technical rules set up. and everything thing else starts with figuring out HOW the diffrent races fight. such as;

    PN: THROW THE WEAK AT IT TILL ITS DEAD! dont worry we can force breed more. goooo humans. . . only humans

    Quyth: elite warriors and the strongest love for the nation. tactics and sacrifice. we shall succeed.


    so i understand how many of them go about thing in general. quyth will let any race in their army as long as they will fight for the quyth, purist nation will ally only with humans but are loathed to do it, ect ect.

    So i could use some help with the whole idea, just one the actual lore. i know not all of this is there, but hell even making it up to it is real would work for now. also, i would love to hear what you guys think ^_^


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