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I want to buy Electronic Versions of your books

  • Let me walk you through it.

    INFECTED, CONTAGIOUS, ANCESTOR, PANDEMIC and EARTHCORE are books put out by Crown Publishing. So I have no control over the eBook versions of those. Not even sure what eBook formats are out.

    THE ROOKIE and THE STARTER are books put out by my company Dark Overlord Media. The eBooks are not available in all formats yet, because we don’t have that kind of manpower and we’re trying to catch up on several projects. Those books will have eBook formats, all eBook formats, but we don’t have that work slated yet (and I don’t care how "easy" it is to make it happen, every eBook format still requires quality control, and that’s what we don’t have time for right now — we won’t just slap up formats that might look crappy).

    NOCTURNAL is still in first-draft mode, and I won’t put it in any format until it’s been re-written and edited, probably twice. So it will be out, but don’t hold your breath.

    BLOODCAST collections will also be out in eBook format, but again, those have to be packaged and edited properly.  

    Since getting my Kindle a couple of months ago, it’s really become my preferred way to read books. I’m never going to give up paper entirely, mind you, but if I have the option between paper and electronic, I’ll get electronic unless I’ve got a personal connection to or desire for the book (such as the autographed Rookie volume).

    …by "Electronic Format", are you refering to e-books for thigs like the Kindle reader?

    It might be a good idea to send Scott a private message through the site here as well. He sometimes doesn’t get a chance to check out new message threads before they drop off the active forums list, but a PM will show up like an email.

    I think it would be a good idea to have Scott’s work available for e-readers. 

    **UNdead/GirlCo – We’ll eat your brains and look good doing it.**

    I absolutely love your books, I bought both Infected and Contagious from Mobipocket, and missed my stop several times on the Underground I was so engrossed reading 😉

    Just one problem, I can’t seem to find any of your other books anywhere. At least not in Electronic format, only podcasts. Personally I’d much rather read the books myself, there’s nothing wrong with Podcasts, they’re just not for me, I like to have my own imagination create the voices of characters in books, read things at my own pace etc.

    Scott, is it at all possible for you to make your other books available from Mobipocket? or another retailer? or on this site? I’m happy to pay to buy them, I just don’t have the option. I eventually found a copy of Earthcore online after an enormous amout of searching, but I would much rather have paid for it, and have a copy with decent formatting. When I enjoy a book this much I want to have purchased a copy from the Author so he gets some money 😉

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