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I updated my info- Now Kill me!!!!

  • excuse me, I am having a slight case of schiziod split personality. I am not, I am too, Shut up!!! You shut up!!!
    If you are lucky enough to get wacked, I think the voices would be happy for you!!!! Me Too!!!!

    Ok, So, It’s a well know fact you have to keep junkies hooked….Ya can’t keep them waiting this long SIGLER…Cause we get all iitchy and scratchy…..I checked on the Triangles growing from the back of Hutchins skull for the 5th time this week!
    Have I not been Good? Have I not served? Huh!????? I mean WTF?????
    Om pah ompah Doompidy do….I’ve got another angle for you……

    Time for a pipe….Peace.

    Keep up a good tradition- Smoke a pipe….

    to die
    simply to get me to quit posting and collecting crack hits…………..

    what do ya’ll think??

    the voices aren’t too sure about this
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

    OMG! I just sprayed coffee all over my moniter thanks to you. LOL

    The don’t make me be a sex slave for the evil umpalumpas got me. Gave me a very shivery visual then touched off my gag reflex………..LOL

    Time to towel off the coffee. Seems LCD’s don’t dig it as much as I do. Thanks for the laugh, I needed one.


    Why haz i not been killed yet, Mista Sigla? why? WHY? uh oh, the WHAAAA-mbulance is here to take me away.

    (WHAAAA-aaaa! WHAAAA-aaaa! WHAAAA-aaaa!)

    By the way, Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    Just uplodaded my pic – I’m ready to die a horrible death!

    Laughed so hard when I read these, I think I peed a little 😛

    My favorite one…

    “I’m still a virgin (well, kind of, well not really, I got four kids, but none of them seem to look like me)…..”

    If Sigler doesnt kill you now, I dont know what it will take!
    $DO || ! $DO ; try
    try: command not found

    Damnit Barnes! Run the plays I call!

    sorry about that, had a Rookie flashback… Gotta listen to that one again – for the 5th time!

    This missive brought to you by SynapticJam – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken

    after reading that!!!!!
    Good Luck, or Bad Luck…. whatever works.

    Hmmm how about this-
    I will infiltrate that yuppie JC Hutchins Clone Army and seed the majesty of the Triangles amongst them until they are all infected….
    Put me in coach….I’ll take an Arrow for Pookie! 🙂
    I don’t see rainbows, I like puppies….I have the heart of a child…..I keep it in a jar on my desk….

    Lets get creative….Just don’t make me a sex slave to the Evil umpalumpas….


    Keep up a good tradition- Smoke a pipe….

    Ya gotta be smart! Reverse psycho and all that shit….

    Yeah, Mr. Sigler…… Please don’t kill me. Whatever you do, please don’t do it.

    Why not? Why not you may ask? Let me count the ways….

    I’m too young and pretty to die (so my shrink says)…

    I’ve yet to accomplish what I want in life (has anyone really?)….

    I’m still a virgin (well, kind of, well not really, I got four kids, but none of them seem to look like me)…..

    I’ve never had a three way with Brittany Spears and Jessica Simpson (unlike half the country it would appear)….

    I’m too much of a weenie to deserve your attention (not that you’re obessed with weenies — WEENIE!)….

    Sunshine in my eyes makes me cry(whatever the hell that means)….

    Butterflies are beautiful(but not as beautiful as writhing maggots emerging from a week old split skull, but you didn’t hear that from me)….

    I’ve never hurt anyone in my whole life (not unless you count that useless piece of shit kid in the 5th grade when I slammed his forhead down on that table – got paddled by the principle for that one, ah the memories)….

    I’m your biggest fan (not really, but I’m not about to have your name tatoo’d on my chest, ass maybe, but not the man-boobies – I am a cheeky fucker)….

    I love puppies (especially when they piss on your shoes and you feel justified kicking them across the room)….

    When I close my eyes I see rainbows (Now that’s just plain stupid)….

    So please don’t kill me… please…..

    Synaptic Jam

    This missive brought to you by SynapticJam – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken

    I love how that 1 was just missed out.
    My thoughts this week: Waiting is an essential part of junkie life. I freakin ROCKED that maths exam!

    Earthcore, Infected, Ancestor and now Nocturnal! Awesome, man! Now I’m sitting here, hanging off that cliff after chapter 11. Hoping to find myself suffering a terrible death in the near future.


    I find the children just need a good dose of DISCIPLINE! 😉

    Thank God the waiver relieves us of psychological culpability, heh heh heh!

    Perhaps Scott should start picking his kill list based on our locations. I mean how sweet would it be if someone from South Africa (like myself) was killed off in the book?

    the mothers all complain since he started

    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

    late night cable…………………..

    your subject line reminded me of a vcomic book character i used to read in high school/college back in the day, Dead Pool, (Spawn, before there was Spawn) Marvel character i believe, liked him a lot. the undead with angst, cool shit
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

    Great pic. You should run a daycare, wouldn’t be no problems there.

    “Trample the weak, hurdle the dead.”

    Since there are so many of us, Maybe he could kill us all in some cult scene/…..heheheh

    Oh, and who thinks Pookie needs his own TV Show? 🙂

    Keep up a good tradition- Smoke a pipe….

    Yes, I now have a suitable pic, and I have corrected Scott in the past.


    kill me to….!!! Love your work Scott.

    The Irishman from Ohio

    maybe he is planning a Special Death for you.

    mmm, not to spoil your day, I’m in the 11th episode, and not (yet) dead. I have no clue how Scott picks people, but you shoudn’t be worried; they’re is always a hi body count with Scott.

    Yes, I am Kees “the Deadly Dutch” Marijs, and I’m not dead (yet).

    I was having trouble finding it to until our overlord supplied it to me.

    Our up and coming Emperor’s mind tick…..But wouldn’t a middle aged, pipe smoking,martial artist make an intriging victim?
    Just trying to tickle the Grey cells….heheheh
    Hey, where’s the link to episode 9.5?

    Keep up a good tradition- Smoke a pipe….

    by annoyance factor

    the voices just got worried
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

    They’re not drawn at random, they’re picked on people who have corrected him. That means I have a shot since I caught a mess up in INFECTED/INFECTION.

    I’m pretty sure Scott just picks at random, but now that you updated your profile info you at least have a chance at being a corpse.

    Scott my friend- Just wanted to thank you for the hours and hours of entertainment…..I read Earthcore, downloaded all your shows….Even gave a DVD to my nephew the DC Cop for Christmas…..Can’t wait till your world take over…:)

    I uploaded a pic of my ugly mug for ya and my bio is complete…..So I would consider it a great honor to be killed……hehehe.
    Seriously- Thanks for all you do. Gonna listen to episode 10 on my new Sony bluetooth headphones….(Gotta love Best buy gift cards for X-Ms)


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