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i like my music good

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    Love em or hate em Metallica puts on one of the greatest live shows around… I too never could quite get the taste for ZDR’s voice from Rage Against the Machine… Type O Negative have tortured their fans the last couple of times I saw them (2 Hrs of The Chicken Dance turned up to 11 before the band came out). Pavarotti put on an AMAZING live show before he died… Ill Nino used to put on a great show, but in the last few years they’ve lost some of their energy or something… Godsmack didn’t used to have a great live show but have really improved over the last several years and now put on an awesome show.. Rob Zombie never fails to entertain… I could go on and on but this post is already WAY too long..

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    I’ve tried many, many times to get into them but I just can’t.  Instrumentally, I dig the hell out of them, so all I can conclude is that something about Zack de la Rocha never jived with me; I also feel the same about Nirvana. 
    The best live band I’ve ever seen, hands down, is Rollins Band.  Caught them several years ago when they were on the WM3 Benefit tour doing Black Flag songs w/ Keith Morris.  There was no glamour or glitz, but pure energy busted you right in the chops the second they took the stage. 

    Duke Ellington said it best, though: "there is two types of music; good music and the other kind."  Sadly, good music is hard to find these days.


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    good taste, you have. I’m a pretty big fan of Queensryche.  

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    i like pantera metallica andrew wk rage against the machine the doors maximum the hormone sex pistols

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