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I have to say….

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    but I really didn’t have any trouble with this book in that way, Blood Baths on though…..there were a good number of scenes in that one that made me need to look for a vomit bag >.>

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    those were just in-jokes for us junkies, don’t take it so seriously =P

    The empire will fear my sexy coils!

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    I listened twice.

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    There was one point that really annoyed me was in the taxidermists back room. Here you have an Ancestor being mounted and stuffed.


    Scott you did this in "The Rookie", with the reference to "rocktopi drink". That annoyed me as well. If you will forgive me a moment, but unless you can connect the hundreds of year between "Earthcore" and "The Rookie". If I remember the history of the "rocktopi", 3 space ships surviving to land and then are they wiped off the earth? I think the premiss was that the 3 ships were the last survivors.


    I am not sure if this is for future plot twists, or the FDO trying to be cute. I think it is easier to go back from future books and make cross connections then it is to start with a cross connection (between series of books), you may not be able to connect them.


    I will say that in the subway seeing a poster of "Jack Wakes UP", was priceless.  


    Rex = king, a little obvious.


     Looking forward to the next installment of "Nocturnal" and finding out the roots of the savior and if they are kings that could not be king. 

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    I love all of the books by Sigler.  Nocturnal was the toughest for me to get through – only for the fact that the kid stuff just leaves me a bit squeemish.  As a Dad I constantly fear harm coming to my kids – so this isn’t really a surprise to me.  I LOVED the Brian/Pookie give and take though.  Great stuff.

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    …you give it at least 3 episodes.  I didn’t give The Rookie a chance when it first came out because I thought it was all football.  But the story is so much more than that.  It’s very engaging and has some neat twists and turns.

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    I’m downloading The Rookie now, I’ll start listening to it tomorrow and I’ll see what I think =3

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    Well it was nocturnal that got me hooked – its pretty good

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    Like everyone else says "you don’t need to be a football fan" I wasn’t either, but the story is AWESOME!

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    you will like it. It is Scott’s style that gets you.

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    This one has quickly ascended to one of my favorites.  I really dig the humor and the deep feelings in the story.  His character development has matured so much and I really enjoy watching it evolve through his works.  Listen to them in order and you’ll see what I mean…  Thoughts?

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    I loved The Rookie!!!! Do not skip this Story, Things happen in the Rookie Universe……… *I am the Rear Admiral but Sigler gives the Orders*

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    The story doesn’t just take place on the football field. If you like Star Wars and/or The Godfather, you’ll dig this story.

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    In my world everyone is a pony, and they all eat rainbows, and poop butterflies.

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    so it’s not a sports story with a sigler twist? o.o

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    to enjoy the rookie
    give it a try, like scott says, give him 4 episodes

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    I’ve listened to all the FDO’s stories to date with the exception of The Rookie (not a football fan) and this is definately my favorite.  It reminds me weirdly of The Darkness what with all the twisted supernatural and mafia stuff going on =3

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