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I got the All-Pro on Sigler ascension day 2011!

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  • But this new method only makes about $5 vulnerable, which is more then they usually test for.
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Cool signature! My binary is a little rusty so I had to check a translator, but that’s just frickin’ geek awesomeness! Cool

Happy Sigler Ascension Day to All! Smile

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I had that same problem! But was able to get through to the order page after an interminable 5 minutes or so and several failed window openings. Darn work computer!!! Cry …Hopefully we will still get in under #100 though!! Smile Anyway, happy to have it paid for by 11:10… I HOPE that still qualifies us for loyal junkie status?! Cool

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Isn’t that how his bank account got hacked before? Or is it just coincidence that it happened just after the release of the Rookie and Starter … Hey, didn’t the FDO take a vacation right after the Starter came out ? ? ?

I wonder if one of my ancestors had the kitchen shear issue .. The name is Nopp just No P P

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Couldn’t stay up til 3:00am to order, but I am in. Woo Hoo.

ttfn, piipster

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Got mine! Sukaz!

0100001101101000011010010110001101101011011001010110111000100000 0101001101100011011010010111001101110011011011110111001001110011

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or when the authorities decide you’re the only person who can stop an unthawed Wesley Snipes.

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Damn it’s going to be a long summer waiting! Can I go into Cryo and wake up when it arrives?

Thanks to MUR for the discount… oh yea.

“We’re gonna need a bigger boat!”

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Yes YES it time

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  • Did the Sigler order via buy my book and had an amazon order at the same time. I’ve done as many as 3 screens at a time this way. I average about 1 of these per month, so it isn’t that bad a thing. The money is transfered by the bank from my credit card to a special debit card, then I hit the purchase key, it draws from that debit card. The debit card is back to it’s customary balance of about 5$ now.
  • Besides, you have my address to send the book to already, don’t want to clutter you up with the banking info. That might cause problems with future patch runs, if we design some other patches.
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    I was laser-quick, utlilizing my bot-ness to interface with the computer for maximum bookage, but i neglected to put in the expiry date. D’oh! I had rocketed through the form, and my browser auto-populated most everything for me. When I submitted and got the error, I had to fill in ALL the information again – the prepopulated stuff disappeared! d’oh! oh well.

    The book is the best part anyway. The story isn’t any different for lower numbers.

    Is it?



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    I will be happy to write down all of your banking and personal information.

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    Not sure I’m awake properly yet, but ordered!

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  • 17:10:37 GMT – 10:10:37 PDT
  • dam meeting cost me 70 minutes.
  • However, no more having to send Sigler a check, got it figured out so I can call my bank and transfer money on the phone, then hit the finish transaction key on the computer and it works. (and the account only ever has about 5$ in it, in case it is hacked again.)
  • So, the number on this book should be an order of magnitude lower then the last one, and I get to order it on day one.
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    Raced home from work and got my order in! Yeah my company sucks since we have Intranet and blocks us from getting on the Internet….

    Dave Frizzell

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    I am 3 for 3 on ordering the GFL books on date of release. Today could have been difficult though, had to drive a few hundred miles then find a computer to hack in to to get my order in. I am good to go now. I can’t wait for September!

    Scott, can you please kill me in a book, PLEASE!!!!!!!



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    theyt allow your site just fine (little do they know you’ll rule them one day!). but back my book is apparently on the military no-no list… wtf!

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    Now I am a satified FAN, sitting by the door and waiting for…..September.*

    *I am the Rear Admiral but Sigler gives the Orders*

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    Cheers and Stay Alive


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    Please tell me you’re not surprised that the Guv-Ment blocks my site?

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    Sorry about that.

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    For the page to load and for it to accept

    ca. as a valid state. Spelled California, I got my order in at 9:09. Hopefully my numbe will be double digits.. I hope…[flickr-photo:id=5037197887,size=m] Wolfpack Quarterback

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    site went live a little early i refreshed with 30 seconds to go and paypal said my order time was completed

    11:01:08 CDT would have been faster i think if i wasnt on a cellphone tether to get it

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    stupid government computer wouldn’t let me buy it! than i get home an hour and a half late for the preorder and I can’t get it to work/send it overseas… I had to buy it through amazon! what a pain, but at least I got it!

    Molly McButters is my Homeboy!

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    18:37 my time

    Boo to the yaaaaa(n)

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    Holy S your right. How could I be so stupid… The transmission is a 6 speed with reverse!!! 7 gears damn you Hutchin’s!!!!

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    Holy S your right. How could I be so stupid… The transmission is a 6 speed with reverse!!! 7 gears damn you Hutchin’s!!!!

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    It worked SO much better this time! No frustrations!

    My thanks to you and AB!


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    Ordered 3 copies @ 16:07:11 GMT. One for my 2 year old daughter… so, she’ll probably be allowed to read it in 14-16 years. 🙂

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    That truly sucks. Was probably Hutchinsssss sabotaging your gears.

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    F*%K a damn FORD. Transmission went out this morning with only 24,000 miles on it. I was not in front of my pc at 11:00 like planed. Just got here….damn it!!!!! Well I got 2 copies ordered anyway.

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    Just finished ordering mine…..and now the wait begins….. >.>


    Does someone go into the park and, uh… lift up the dinosaurs’ skirts?

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    Forgot to add my order time on the email was 17:07:48 GMT+01:00 so mid 30’s will be my guess then!

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    And I could have messed around all day and beat both the numbers I have of the first two books. In fact I bet I could subtract the number of My “The Starter” from my copy of “The Rookie and ordered tomorrow and still got a lower number. I think the cool thing is, I got one!

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    Junkies, we worked hard to make the system better. We thank you for ordering early!

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    09:07:49 PDT

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    Ve veri veniversum vivus vici (idea’s cannot be killed)

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    That’s just a wild guess.

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    Mine was same price as you this year- but last year was just £1 more… what did you do last year? Did you have anything extra?

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    Took a min to get my time stamp from the email. but mine says 8:59:11 AM PDT


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    Was camped out on the BackMyBooks Page… clicking refresh every 3 seconds. Got into the site about 1-3 seconds after it became active and had my order in within 15-20 seconds. My order reciept email only says 12:00 for the email time… not sure how many seconds past noon that it was actually processed…

    I’m so friggin excited… and now the bad part: the adrenaline crash and shakes….

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    Paypal can rot for all I care, however.
    It keeps switching addresses on me and I nearly had this one sent to an old address as well, but canceled out before final confirmation. Then went in and entered CC/shipping info directly instead.
    Sadly, I can’t check the official stamp on the confirmation email from BMB until I get home (the firewall here at work blocks personal e-mail accounts) but my PC time said 10:05.
    There goes my hopes of scoring a copy in the teens, I fear.


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    Time on receipt: 09:02:46

    I’m with you, GoogleRay! Bring on the home jerseys!


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    Got my book whoohoo and it seems a little cheaper in the conversion to uk money this time it was 28 pounds for the starter it was 36 pounds with shipping ! thats how grateful the FDO is of us fans around the world 😛

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    PayPal 17-10 UK time

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    Got mine! Now when can I get me some sweet home jersys?

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    PayPal time stamp Apr. 1, 2011 09:01:23 PDT – I better get a low number for once! 🙂

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    ordered while in traffic on I-65 in Louisville, KY.

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    I made it through it.. I got MINE! Now time DRAGS till delivery.

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    *Awaits for the wrath of AB to decend upon thee*


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    Combat Cook

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    just got done ordering the All-Pro. September get here now.

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    I just got the three hardcover bundle! I can’t wait for September!

    All hail the FDO!

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