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    Copy & paste seems to work just fine.

    The FDO and I at the Ancestor tour stop in Chicago on 7/9/10.
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    Note to web admins: linking and editing posts in the new configuration of the site is *not* intuitive…at all. I understand that hiding code from normal users is good because it helps things along…but the way it’s done right now is incredibly not intuitive. I tried HTML and BB Code… even Markup (which a lot of users are used to at least one of those) and none of them worked. I had to use the built-in link button…which still didn’t give me any code or way to use a link other than to use the button…*too* dumbed down. The FDO’s users are pretty savvy. You’ve made it harder by making it *too* simple…if that makes sense.

    PM or email me for help…I do UI/UX design for a living.
    EDIT: Also, I just realized that links don’t even work. Everything just links to “http:”. Apparently, forward slashes break links…WTF? Did anyone even test this thing?!?
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    Okay Junkies…I dunno if this had been done before but hell, if it has, let’s do it again: post your pix of you and the FDO. Post pix of you and people doing a Siglerverse meetup. Post pix of you and anything Sigler-related.

    The only rules are: you have to be in the picture…and it has to be related to Heir Siglerisimo. I’ll start.
    Me and the FDO at the Ancestor hardcover signing in DC (technically, Virginia):
    Reated: me and Phil Rossi, who was also at the signing. This pic was taken at the after party at the Dogfish Head pub in Fairfax, VA:
    Next up: YOU! Go for it! 🙂

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