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I apparently died?

  • Oh alright. Thanks a bunch Smile

    This is what Scott said the other day

    "I’m working to improve the listing of those who die. KISS is reserved for those who actually buy the farm. So if your are a MC (Major Character) and you die, then you get the KISS. HM probably means you were mentioned or name-dropped, but you didn’t croak.

    HOWEVER — if the book you are in is still coming out, then I won’t list you as KISS. I’m not going to give the fucking story away, you Damn Dirty Junkies"

    see this thread

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     the crypt hastn realy been reliced yeat so it may not be out yet

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    So I havent logged on in a longgggg time due to personal issues. I recently logged on to the message that i (alex langley) died in an episode of the crypt, but i dont know which one or where to find it. Help anyone?

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