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Hutchinsssss is a rotten fuck

  • too funny, aye aye, mon capitan….
    i see a bitstrip in this

    Hutchinsss is a rotten bastard, but how do you know what kind of fuck he is? 

    ..No Bounce..

    …No Play…

    (oh, shit!! You’re gonna kill me now, right?)

    that the "Happy face" watch doesn’t have any hands? That’s how/why our FDO has never been late!! 

    ..No Bounce..

    …No Play…

    *insert porn voice here*
    …. J.C. Hutchins… you rock.
    I’m up for purring again – Listen for it on your message machine soon.
    Doesn’t change the facts my good man.  I might purr for you, but only Sigler is allowed to kill me in gory, horrendous ways.
    Tastes Like Chicken

    That is the Master Control Device that FDO uses to make Sigler Time possible.
    You know…It is the never late, always on time machine.
    *I am the Rear Admiral but Sigler gives the Orders*

    That’s just hilarious. Popeye and the happy face kinda suits him dontcha think?

    I was going to say, "Hey, how did you know that?" but then I saw who posted it…  

    How much time he must have spent on this just shows you how much he truly loves you!

    but what’s up with the tatoo on the arm?

    Looks like a whale’s tale coming out of the back of popeye’s head.

    I love the happy face watch too!


    SynapticJam on Toast – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken (aka PUVJK) #3 in crack hits (Special?  Ain’t I just)

    hell if it taste like chicken,bring me chicken!

                                                        rodney carigton

    Hutchinsss wants to have Sigler’s evil bitty babies.  But then, who doesn’t?
    The issue with the FDO’s issue is (hehehe) that they’d be super evil too and then there’d be endless bloodbath mayhem.
    Tastes Like Chicken

    I’m putting together a group to deliver said coat.  All I need are 15 heartless bastards, 15 aluminum baseball bats, an arctic fishing trawler and an HUGE international incident so that the news networks will be busy elsewhere and not notice a couple hundred missing baby seals.
    Tastes Like Chicken

    Yesssss … Soupbone Tha Wonder Pimp would very much roll in a fur coat made of dead baby seals.

    great job of explaining the whole thing, and I think Hutchinsssss has a crush on our FDO, big time.
    What now to get even ?
    *I am the Rear Admiral but Sigler gives the Orders*

    Obviously, milord, you’ve been focusing on the task of driving the your enemies before you and hearing the lamentation of the women to understand the subtle compliments behind this poster.
    As your dedicated junkee bitch, I will explain.
    1.  The Rainbow — You, FDO, Pope Siglerificus – are the Rainbow of happiness in Hutchinsss’ life.  Ain’t that sweet?
    2.  The Unicorn — General Siglericimo – Your rampant masculinity and your … generous endowment make Hutchinsss jealous. If you listen closely, you can hear him sob.
    3.  The Kitten — Obviously, he’s heard that you bite the heads off of living lions, tigers and other great cats.  He’s hoping to one day, be able to accomplish the same feat but with little kittens.
    4.  The Baby White Seal — Baseball bat – a great white fur coat for Soupbone the Wonder Pimp.
      ‘Nuff said?
    Tastes Like Chicken

    [img_assist|nid=2130|title=Hutchinssss birthday poster|desc=What a rotten fuck. How dare he make light of the FDO™!|link=popup|url=undefined|align=left|width=174|height=350] Look what that rat-bastard Hutchinsss did for the FDO™’s 2,351st birthday. He and his damn Beta Clones. Of course, most of his Beta Clones are also Junkies, but that’s besides the point. 

    Make light of the FDO™ evil-tudidness, will you? 

    Just you wait, Hutchinssss … just you wait.

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