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How to promote Ancestor locally?

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    That is a good idea! I’m maybe 10 minutes away from the University of Alaska. Closer to book release day I’ll put fliers out around campus.

    A ready made flier would be stellar, but you’re right that it wouldn’t be hard to put one together either… Let the campaign begin!

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    so I went to my local Barnes & Noble bookstore and slipped them into several books of the same genre. 🙂

    Kinda “guerrilla promotion”, I know, but hopefully it turned a few people on to Scott’s work. Another idea is to print up some fliers to distribute around your local coffee shops & other hip hangouts, maybe even college campuses if you have one nearby. Include the synopsis, a pic, and the website address. We need to take the words of Pope Siglericus to the streets, people! I live right down the street from the University of Oklahoma (go Sooners!) and I’m planning on scattering about 200 fliers there as soon as the weather gets a little better.

    Hey, maybe the “A-Team of Arioch Morningstar and A. Kovacs” could come up with a ready-made flier that Junkies could print out?

    **All this plan is missing is a giant freaking laser in space.”**

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    An interesting idea, but I persoanlly have never seen local science fiction / horror conventions outside the big conventions like Comicon. I think that would be the perfect audience to chat with of course and if you live near a big convention I would definately suggest it, but other than that?

    That is not to say word of mouth CAN’T work it requires the right audience. I actually think a college campaign might be a good way to get an audience. College students have a good number of the perfect junkie attributes: 1) Tech savy, 2) high speed internet access 3) iPods 4) poor, which is a good attribute to get obsessed with podcasting 5) are of an age appropriate for sigler-casts (both for the content and to appreciate the FDOs Genius). College student also travel from a central point and go back to their homes which would spread siglerism to their hometowns. Maybe we should talk with Alphagirl about seting up some college visits for the Ancestor/Starter Tailgate tour?

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    You have a point there, those more comfortable with the net are more likely to get into Sigler’s books, but both of my parents love audiobooks and they definitely don’t fit that category. I did send my mother a copy of the Rookie print version, but there has to be some creative ways to get the word out. Hmmm, local science fiction/ horror conventions maybe?

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    I’ve been trying to get friends and family hooked on the Sigler phenomena myself; The hard part is it takes a special perosn to become a junkie. To be honest unless you take the plunge and listen to 2+ podcasts Its hard to get someone hooked. Podcasting is just not that large a venue as only a limited people ar einto it and of these only a limited number ar einto the audio-book/podcast novel genre. I think a Junkie facebook campaign might work even better; Its the online generation that will eat up our FDO and ihs novels. We might think about how to set that up…

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    So, this would be my very first forum post here, I’m just shy like that. I’m rather excited to see what the new Ancestor will be like and have the release date copied down into my calendar. I would also like to get the word out locally. But other than extolling the story’s virtues and redirecting people one at a time to the podcasts- I’m kinda out of ideas. I even gave a go to leaving some CDs at random locations with handy website addy printed on the front.

    Any other ideas?

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