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How the FDO Spoiled my Super Bowl…

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    no danger of hearing about the Superbowl while you are reading a Scott Masterpiece-Grey Wolf

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    NASN or should I now say ESPN America is really bad about this.  I was watching a College Game that had already completed and they were showing the commercial free version and below the in the sports ticker they scrolled through the final outcome!  Since then if I’m watching a game that has already finished and they are showing it later I have to tape up a piece of thick paper to cover the sports ticker!  How sad!

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    That does kind of suck. But hey it could be worse, you could be a diehard Cardinals fan! lol

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    showing 3 hour highlight programme. I watched the first half and then tried unsuccessfully to avoid finding out the result – but great game eh?

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    MuchAdo I wasn’t worried about you as much as the NFL sending me an email with buying stuff of the winning team (which they did)…

    But I figure I best watch out for you in the future…

    And yes I did watch the game, and it was a good game (well the 4th qtr was really good)… Nothing was goign to stop me from seeing the Super Bowl.  I finally just saw all the commercials, couple of funny most just meh…. Very strange experience watching the Super Bowl with NO COMMERCIALS AT ALL!!! these British are weird… 

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    No doubt there… To see that & THEN watch your team lose really has to suck…

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     Not Safe For Work


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    I didn’t ruin it for you even though I wanted to send an email!!!!!!

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    It was such a good game it would be worth watching even if you knew how it turned out! 

    "Chief informationless officer of the office of knows nothing" Any questions? 🙂

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    I’m an American now working in the UK…  Post-doc researcher at Univ. of Oxford.  Great town…just miss my American Football.  But was able to snag tix to the London game coming up in the 2009 Season… Pats vs Bucs.

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    But Im sure Scott would say, Shit happens

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    I have to ask, are you a British Fan of American Football or an American working in the UK?

    No static yet, just curious.

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    That’s right… the FDO found a way to spoil my Super Bowl!  How you may ask? 

    See I’m over in the UK which meant kick-off didn’t happen until 11:30pm.  There was no way I could stay up to about 3:30am to watch the entire game (sue me I get up  at 6:30am for work).  So I set my Tivo (yes they have them here too) to record the game.  I then make sure not to check my email, visit ANY news site or download any of my news or sports related podcasts- but obviously I download as usual my next fix of Contagious.

    I’m doing pretty good as the day is rolling along as I had told everyone at my job not to mention ANYTHING about the Super Bowl as they all know I’m a diehard College & NFL fan.  I’m listening to music podcasts, NPR from the weekend and saving my Sigler fix for last… And then it happens… the FDO OPENS THE PODCAST REVALING THE WINNER OF THE SUPER BOWL WITH NO WARNING!!!!!!!!


    Now was the winner shocking, no if you follow the game it was the "expected" outcome…BUT did this spoil one of the better endings in Super Bowl history?  Yes it did… Not ruined, but definitely removed that "how is this going to end" moments!  This thanks to the man who says "you can’t peak at the end"… well guess what!

    If the FDO wasn’t such a damn good writer and a REAL football fan I’d probably be REALLY pissed (as I was orignially this morning).  But knowing that he actually loves the sport as proven by his devotion to the 2nd worst team in the league (the Lions, we all know the worst team in the league is Oakland– how can anyone destroy such a historic team, uggh) he can’t be blamed for his excitement since htis was actually a great game to watch.

    FDO, I forgive the honest mistake, but if you are going to rule the WORLD, remember the world exists on MANY time zones…  give a little warning first.

    From the snow filled country of England…Cheers!

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