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How much does the Sig want to meet the Stig?

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    Your choice of car with a GE 7.62mm Minigun. But why stop there? You should also get a vehicle mounted rocket launcher attached to the car as well

    ……….The extremely humble owner of “THE ROOKIE” #2487/3000…..NOCTURNAL (Rewrite) Byron Metz (as “Baldwin Metz,” medical examiner for San Francisco police)

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    [flickr-photo:id=5353037802,size=m] & Proud member of the Gutter Sistren

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    Some say that he doesn’t blink and at night he roams the forest foraging for wolves

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    they do strategically put camera men round the test track, 100 points if you hit one, schumaker almost did lol!

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    If there is, please please dispose of that damned annoying host they’ve got. The fat guy irritates me to the point of blood shooting out my eyes.

    Do not mess with the affairs of monsters, for you are tasty and good with ketchup.

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    Some Say that he knows only two facts about duck, and both of them are wrong…

    and that he writes awesome sci-fi novels…

    All we know,

    He’s called the Stigler!!!

    Havn’t you notice that the Stig and Sigler aren’t ever in the same room with each other?????


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    If not, fuck it, I’m not going.

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    That meeting would create catrastophic levels of awesome and fanbase clashing that I am sure would start at least three major middle eastern conflict and most definotaly result in major war centered in France.

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    I was thinking the other day “how cool would it be if the FDO went to do the hot lap on Top Gear”, Peoples toughts please as I know you guys get Top Gear in the states

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