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How much caffeine do you consume, man?

  • Strong coffee, expresso and munch on chocolate covered coffee beans. Sometimes stop and have a quad-shot from Starbucks to get my morning going.

    [brood en brood met brood tussen] – My Mothers famous answer to whats for dinner!

    I don’t drink coffee and my soda is caffine free.


    Nine million terrorists in the world I gotta kill one with smaller feet than my sister. – John McClane

    One of my favorite vegetables! It must be good for you! My pathetic doctor actually refers to drinking coffee as “using caffeine.” Gee wiz–now it sounds like some illegal drug. And guess what: my horse, my cat and my toddler all drink coffee. OK, the toddler doesn’t drink it. He was asking for a taste though. I thought he’d hate it and gave him a taste. He loved it! Now I have to tell him no, or drink it out of his sight. Oh, and Sig, the answer is NO. You can’t drain by young son into a blender…

    – Verveces tui similes pro ientaculo mihi appositi sunt. (I have jerks like you for breakfast.)

    Mostly while listening to your podcasts of your stories, then I get all goofed up from the massive amount of caffeine coursing through my veins and I start hearing the voices, telling me to "go find more of this crack"….and I do! I’m an addict! I guess there could be worse things in the world to be addicted to….or not…..maybe I should let the kid out of the closet…. or something…..=0)

    if you type in "Find chuck norris" without the quotation marks and hit "I’m feeling lucky"

    again without quotation marks, you’ll get a funny result. 

    [1st Dutch junkie] All that matters is getting my fix.

    what’s wrong with a bit of senseless violence?

    what’s wrong with a bit of senseless violence?

     I saw that 1 in an old aunt bessy cook book.  throw in black – pink – yelllow – brown and green ones if you want a more flavorsome mix

    what’s wrong with a bit of senseless violence?

    I can’t seem to understand how those people are actually legal. You are right, you can die from those pills and this should be a solid reason for making them illegal. Last time I checked caffeine was also addictive so you can imagine the side effects of those pills all togheter. I wouldn’t ne surprised to see people in drug rehab programs because of those pills.

    Try switching the mountain dew with Rockstar or something.

    “The spread of evil is the symptom of a vacuum. whenever evil wins, it is only by default: by the moral failure of those who evade the fact that there can be no compromise on basic principles.”

    Tried it…couldn’t sleep for 35 hours………

    Yes…without specifications of what kind of babies, one could go astray with this receipe!!

    The Irishman from Ohio"I never Get to Get it!"-Wacko Warner

    The Irishman from Ohio"I never Get to Get it!"-Wacko Warner
    What kind of Babies?…Baby bipeds, apes, rabbits, rats, mice, cocaroaches, Baby Fintstones Vitamins, Cabbage Patch Kids, orphans, kittiens,…I know Your Not Suggesting Puppies….

    and meal does this go with??
    Fish or beef? not chicken i hope.
    possibly human brains or entrails??
    (the voices say it is all good)
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

    There you go. That’s the secret. First, get 1,000 babies. Then give them a Red Bull/Mountain Dewp/Pop Rocks formulat (mix in a little mother milk so they don’t cough up as much). Then, drain said babies into a blender. Set on "puree" and mix in some ice to make it like a smoothy. That’s the secret recipie for how I stay awake. It’s also great for the skin.

    I like this one!

    Like one of those Chuck Norris lists. Only without me beating people up as much …

    now that sounds dangerous.

    The Irishman from Ohio"I never Get to Get it!"-Wacko Warner
    Not kidding. There is something worse than this. The caffeine/energy pills that are sold at most convenience stores. Many people have died from these. Once enough people die from the products, the companies get sued, and change the name or ingredients just enough for it to be legal in most countries. There are articles in health magazines and on-line that the info can be fact checked.
    oohhh hay, crack is worse.

    NEVER enough…………………………………………………………….

    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends

    The Math god

    Holy crap, are you kidding? That sounds more deadly than any combination of smoking, drinking, or drugs.

    The Irishman from Ohio”I never Get to Get it!”-Wacko Warner
    About caffeine, has anyone tried eating a small bowl of Fruit Loops with Mountain Dew instead of with milk with half a banana sliced in it? It has all the sugar and Caffeine you’ll ever need but you have to consume it before it gets too soggy. Is sounds gross. But it tastes better than it sounds. If any of you have heart problems DO NOT try this. I would recommend into to do this more than once a month. Its just to much stress on your heart and digestive track.

    Some of your comments remind me of one of those Chuck Norris/Vin Dissel made up fact list about Scott Sigler. You know we should run up a list like that for Scott and see what scary mess leaks out of our brains =p

    He reads his own novels to keep himslef awake out of fear. Also he smokes coffee grounds and, as fluxx said, snorts powdered caffeine. As well as his weekly dose of Vitamin H… or would Vitamin 7S be a better term?

    you heard me snorts!

    “What do you mean there’s nothing i can do, you mean im hooked on Scott Sigler’s podcast novels… im… a junkie…”- me

    he just scares the caffine out of the coffe (or caffinated drink of choice) and eats the pile of caffeine.

    “What do you mean there’s nothing i can do, you mean im hooked on Scott Sigler’s podcast novels… im… a junkie…”- me


    It’s a combination of a finely shredded paperback copy of EarthCore, a can of Red Bull, and a pack of Pop Rocks. I know, he tries to push that shit on me all the time!

    Now I have a mental image of Scott sitting in-front of a microphone in his closet, with a redbull IV beside him, while recording his podcast!

    I can just picture his Swedish assistant grabbing another Red Bull from the fridge, smacking it into the overhead IV slot and punching an IV line in it…


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    I would have guessed some kind of intravenous solution was the key to his success.

    The ways of the Lord are often dark but never pleasant.

    I realize that you don’t make your own coffee, that it’s brought to you by your butler and your personal bathing assistant.

    But, what caffeinated beverage do you request most often from your servants… or are you really just that hopped up on your bad self all the time?

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