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How many times do we have to tell you not to worry about us Scott?

  • Are you suggesting that it is possible for him to be late? HOW DARE YOU SIR!! er… MA’AM

    "Freedom isn’t free." Virak the Mean

    North Carolina is where Sigler belongs….

    All this chatter can only be “pre-support” in the event he’s actually ever late, forgets to remind us we’re operating on SST (Sigler Standard Time), or the associated Siglerican Calendar. In that case, he’s still not late. We will have just forgotten what time/day it is. He’ll never be late; we’re all just that caring! (Isn’t it good to be us?!)

    – “I don’t have time for a grudge match with every poser in a parka.” -Dr. Horrible

    This is the Siglerverse! Everything here happens on time and just the way the FDO planned it. 

    [brood en brood met brood ertussen] – My Mothers famous answer to whats for dinner!

    Scott has never been late and I’ve never had to wait for my fix!!!!!  But even if, in the future, the FDO should happen to be a little late, I’ll be right here waiting with my tail wagging!

    "Even crazy people sometimes base their fiction on an ounce of truth" -S. Sigler

    we’re junkies, we will wait.


    Nine million terrorists in the world I gotta kill one with smaller feet than my sister. – John McClane

    He knows we believe in Sigler Time, So whenever  content is presented it’s always on time…no mater how long it takes.Innocent
    *I’m Rear Admiral but Sigler gives the Orders*

    Scott what the fuck is wrong with you… listened to the latest cast’s… even you reading DBB’s whining discourse… and I gotta say… get your balls back on… you lost the FDO edge we junkies have come to know and… dare I say it… love!

    Damnit man, never forget who you are…





    I rarely post anywhere… just figured ya needed reminding…

    and really…


     i may quiver and shake from the lack of content but withdrawlls just let us know we are alive

    this guy is from england.he’s a spy.yea but for which side!!!

    Well said Floridagirl.

    Family First always!

    and to the asshat that caused all the stir about waiting… LEAVE and dont come back.

    Scott was being overly diligent and spolied that bum by putting into context why he was upset over that tossers post.  OJ’s know Scott well, and totally understand the importace of Family First and I would say understand why Scott was upset over that post.

    anyway, lets all move on from that Chutney Ferret’s post and be here for Scott.



    "Original Junkie"

    Jason "DeVoiD" Houghton


    Like last time, we’re always creative enough to entertain ourselves. Remember? (OK, maybe that wasn’t actual creativity, or entertainment…)

    – “I don’t have time for a grudge match with every poser in a parka.” -Dr. Horrible

    The general worries about his army.

    Seriously though. Scott’s just loyal. Whether or not he’ll admit it is another thing. Being the FDO and all you aren’t supposed to get attached. Don’t let your future dark feelings get in the way man. We’ll be here.

    B14i>35 0/3r BI_I11375 B1+<I-I3Z!

    Wouldn’t you worry about your puppies if you left them alone in the house for a month? 

    Just Dew it!

    he’s our bald daddy…. 🙂

    "Freedom isn’t free." Virak the Mean

    North Carolina is where Sigler belongs….

    Just read the update that is emailed to me.  It says that you may have to go back to Michigan but that you now have a portable recorder and you’d try to keep cranking things out.  STOP!  Really, if you have to go back to Michigan the OJ’s should be the last things on your mind.  You should know by now that we’re not going anywhere.  You were already gone for a month once and we were all waiting like hungry puppies when you got back.  It will always be like that.  Don’t worry about us, we’re here for ya.  God bless you and your family…you’re in our prayers.

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