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How many people in the UK have got a Krakens jersey???

  • yeah i struggle to sit through a 90min game of football! lol although being at a football game is a different kettle of fish then watching on TV.

    It’s all egg chasing to me. I would have never considered the intricacies of American football before reading The Rookie, but now even with my small knowledge of the game I am sure I could watch a match.

    I am just worried about giving up the 3 to 4 hours it takes to complete.

    That wouldnt surprise me at all. I dont know how American Football was started but i know Rugby was invented when someone at a university broke the ‘no hands’ rule of football (soccer) Although i have to say as someone that has owned many football jerseys over the years if all American football jersey’s are like the Krackens one then American Football definately has the upper hand on quality of kit.

    I always thought it was called football because someone thought the ball was roughly foot shaped and sized and called IT a football. Then the sport was just named after the ball used.

    Which really shows that sports are usually given stupid names.


    See it dosent bother me, if someone asks then i can spread the word. And i think Amerian football is wrongly named. How often is the ball kicked????

    I went for a Krakens tee, as I felt too conspicuous with a football shirt. I’m not really in to American football, soccer is real football, but I wouldn’t wear one of those shirts either!!!

    Hi eveyone. i have just got my Krakens jersey and WOW! what a bit of kit it is! it got me wondering how many people have got one of these in the UK?

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