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How in the hell do you spell that?

  • ya, you got me there………………

    the voices have quit snickering
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

    But we need correct spelling if we plan to spread the word.

    no spelling necessary, UNTIL he decides to put it in print

    the voices concur (they never have to worry about spelling)
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

    I know, I know! I realized my mistake after posting, thus my comment to my denseness.

    OK sigler…we need spelling and notes ! give it upski!

    I think he was talking about a planet

    Sometimes I amaze myself with how dense I can actually be……

    Micovi is actually the planet on which The Rookie starts. Quinten Barnes grew up there working in the mines, but through a stroke of luck and good timing, ended up as the QB for the Micovi Raiders where his GFL career got its start.

    I think the spelling of the word your looking for is Macabre. Macabre is a term applied to a type of artistic or literary works, characterized by a grim or ghastly atmosphere. In these works, there is an emphasis on the details and symbols of death. Sounds like a good fit!

    I’ve gone in to the blog/show notes to see if Scott mentions locations or people and then use his spelling. Looking back over an entire book could get tedious…


    I’ve been working on the Siglerpedia as commanded, but I’m having problems trying to work out the proper spellings for everything. Like, what is the right spelling of Macobe? Or is that it?

    I spent about 30 seconds looking for it(If I can’t find it in a google search, then it’s not findable as far as I’m concerned), and decided bugging you about it would require much less effort. Get it straight from the horse’s mouth, or something like that…

    Wow, I was about to post something about how the GFL website is totally useless for spelling, but then I found the Tiers & Teams page… I now know how to spell Micovi, thank goodness.

    I’m sure I or some other junkie will need something spelled for the Siglerpedia, so I’ll go ahead and open this topic anyway. I’m sure that there is something I will need spelling for.

    I’ll try and make sure that we’ve never gotten an actual spelling before I bug you to do it for me. I mean, the more time you spend as a personal dictionary, the less time you have to write awesome stories. Of course, I’m sure you tucked those words away it some little corner of the internet, so the absolute second I say it’s unfindable you can shove the link in my face.

    How about this, what’s the right spelling for Greedok the Splithead? I’ve seen it as Greedo, Gredok, and Greedok. Which one? Enough of your trickery Sigler, it’s time for the truth!

    BTW, good links for anyone else looking for spelling:

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