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How do I get…

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    We can’t just take your word for it. I assume he’ll give you an (SA) badge.


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Okay time for me to get on my High horse and be completely selfish (ya know how the FDO has taught us to be! Cool

I want some damn letters after my name too on this forum- No I haven’t been a major character or killed– instead I’ve been a advisor for the FDO- I’ve been quoted in his AMC blog and my latest proof is now with Ancestor- yes I’m thanked for helping with the some of the science aspects of the book (of course I have no idea what it says yet, as I’m in the BLOODY UK and they aren’t selling the book until August!!!!!! Sorry personal rant– and yes I’m having a hardcover signed and sent to me form teh US but that won;t be here until July sometime).

So Web/Forum masters– how do we do this????????


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