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How did you find out about the Great SCOTT SIGLER?

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     i drive trucks for a living and stoped at a truck stop and i saw a scifi audio book that i couldent resist so i rented it and fell in love with it AND HERE I AM a f’n junnkie

    TEXANS unite bring the dark overlord to his true home

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    I was at a book store searching for a book about 11:11.When this giant triangle/eyeball caught my ADDHD ass by surprise,and i had to pick it up.
    It was love at first reading 🙂

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    I’m a paranormal investigator and listen to a radio show called Speaking of Strange. JC Hutchins did and interview or they mentioned his book I don’t really remember. Then while listening to Seventh Son, I heard about Infected. Then I checked out the site and was totally hooked.  

    It’s the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness, nothing more.

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    I found him on iTunes when I found the Podiobooks tab on iTunes. It was right after "Infection" ended. Listened to all of that, got hooked, listened to all his stories, and here I am now listening to them now over and over.


    Nine million terrorists in the world I gotta kill one with smaller feet than my sister. – John McClane

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    I’m hooked on audio books. I’ve been through tons of books borrowed from the library on cassette, CD and MP3. I was out and went surfing the web for audio content and found this nifty little website called I listened one of Sigler’s books and got hooked. I’ve listened to every Sigler book and short story I could find and am eagerly awaiting the next book. – Winston

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    tsolo888 got me hooked…the bastard.

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    All I remember is that it around the time that the third episode of Earthcore was unleashed. I got directed to Scott’s work and I listened to the first episode to see what it was like and then BAM! I was hooked. Damn you, Sigler! Wait, I mean, bless you, my Dark Overlord for filling my life with such wonder. Please continue to enrich our lives.

    1st Canadian Junkie…from Ontario…from Toronto…from my neighbourhood

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    That’s the sound I hear every time my husband turns on the computer and needs my assistance to find the Mini web site so he can drool and build another dream car.  He’s practically a Luddite (except for loving his DVR and other toys) and can’t figure out the basics of the glowing box, let alone the interweb tube thingies.
    Tastes Like Chicken

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     " good writing, humor and affable cantankerousness".

      that trait, cantankerousness, gleefully shows up in his work. Isn’t that a great word?

    *I am the Rear Admiral and you must obey*

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    imaginative humor, very well done adds a whole new dimension to his work as well. 

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    This Pusher likes Synaptic Jam on toast – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken

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    There are no others out there Quite like Siggie,  he has a special niche in the podcaste horror list of the truly strange and unusual, with lots and lots of violence.

    *** I am Renfield to Sigler’s Dracula ***

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    IF they actually put out some goood content once in a while….

    but they introduced me to scott’s work, so… 

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    I knew our next World’s Overlord via Skepticality when they interviewed him and put Ancestor on their feed, there’s when everything spiraled down in a pit of desperation for more,…

    … More,…

    … MORE!!

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    I learned of The Dark Overlord through a magazine called Macformat.

    Every month there is a new issue with a DVD full of mac software, freeware and free audiofiles

    The very first issue I bought had The Rookie on the DVD. I was instantly converted to the cult

    of Siglerism (lol) 

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     I remember very little about any mythology, Greek or otherwise.

    I’m sure we went over it in school but it’s been too long for me to remember 


    • These gathering hosts of loyal junkies, under the command of the great SCOTT
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     would fill a gnats teacup

    i find it all very interesting, but we did not cover it very well

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    I remember Calliope, Erato, and Urania… the other ones?  Nah…. 

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     but they are

    had fun looking these chicks up (their skirts, sorry, too much teenage hormones in the air to day)

    The Muses are known for their music and song, which brings joy to any who hear it.

    There are nine Muses, each with her own specialty:

    1. Clio (History),
    2. Urania (Astronmy) (Hence the Planet Uranus, figured it be a woman’s ass it was named after),
    3. Melpomene (Tragedy),
    4. Thalia (Comedy),
    5. Terpsichore (Dance),
    6. Calliope (Epic Poetry),
    7. Erato (Love Poetry) (eros and cupid),
    8. Polyhymnia (Songs to the Gods),
    9. Euterpe (Lyric Poetry).
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    Now the muses?  Not a damn clue…  can’t remember them at all…   

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    1. Clotho, the spinner, who spins the thread of life.  Sort of a life giver
    2. Lachesis, the measurer, who choses the lot in life one will have and measures off how long it is to be.  Numbers your days, as it were.
    3. Atropos, she who can not be turn, who,with her shears, cuts the tread of life. Can cut it now, or cut it later, so she actually determines your life span.  She can cut your life short, so don’t piss her off.

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    I shall wait for someone who knows…   

    btw,  one more…..

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    What they do, yes. What their names are… I can recognise them, but don’t ask me to pull them from my brain on a cold start.  Drat that concussion.

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    So you get a pass….

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     if ain’t dealing with a number or variable, forget it

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    Okay, "WITHOUT" looking them up… can you name the fates and what they supposedly do?   I still can, though I have no idea why….   

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     OMG, THOSE strings…………………Surprised

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    And he likes to cut the strings


    • These gathering hosts of loyal junkies, under the command of the great SCOTT
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    We’re living on Sigler Time…  He’s the three fates all rolled into one…

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    ya, right

    oops, i did not say that………………… 

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    When I was made brand manager of Silent Death I was told to talk to Scott about writing for us. He was our most creative contributor, and not afraid to turn things on their ear or call me an idiot when I needed the wake up. You’ll be happy to know he was just as technologically ept then as he is now. He used to be more punctual back then…

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     okok, let’s NOT go there…………………


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    I don’t really do the sigler thing with them…  a bit young yet…  Shadow Magic, Red Panda, Black Jack Justice… those are more their speed…  I’m thinking about introducing my 16 year old to them, but not quite sure yet if I’d like to live in the same house as an emotional teenager during her "time" of the month, knowing she’s listening to Infected and we have a pair of Chicken Scissors in the house….

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     andmy kids are not into podcasts

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    I can’t really remember…  it was a while ago…  During Earth Core I believe…   Been awhile my friends…   It’a a good thing…   Glad to be here…   What a wild ride….  all that crap….

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    Sigler?  Not really my wife’s "cup o tea"….   She’s more of a Pride & Prejudice and Anne of Green Gables sort of lady…

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     I heard the first promo for Nocturnal in Playing For Keeps. Been hooked ever since.

    • "We may have days, we may have hours. But sooner or later, we all push up flowers…" -Grim Fandango
    • *Insert smart-ass comment here*
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     I was listing to some podcast back inthe summer of 2006 and heard the promo for Infection and I’ve been a junkie ever since.  I even got my brother hooked by giving him Ancestor to read


    • These gathering hosts of loyal junkies, under the command of the great SCOTT
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    My wife, Annathy turned me on to Scott early in the Earthcore run.

    It’s been a love/mayhem affair ever since!

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    I was listening to Slice of Scifi alot and just pondering getting back into storytelling through podcasting at the time. I remember thinking that Earthcore was unlike any story I’d EVER heard read aloud and thinking “wouldn’t it be great if someone could get away with reading a piece like this for a forensics/storytelling competition?” HAH!


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    I had moved to Oregon October in 2005, My computer had been on the fritz for over a year before that, and I had listened to Live 365, and a few other sites that had sci-fi on line. Once I got my computer fixed and hooked up again, I went looking for free audio and sci-fi and started finding a few things. ( A lot had changed since 2003 and I started finding several people were actually writing original fiction for the web.) Sometime in December 2005, I found Earthcore on some site ( maybe it was Siglers) and was totally, hopelessly hooked.
    A true ” Junkie” is really what I am…….thank you Scott.

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    I was misled into joining the beta clone army back in the day but quickly converted to siglerism in about the middle of earthcore and was one of the pioneer junkies.

    “The spread of evil is the symptom of a vacuum. whenever evil wins, it is only by default: by the moral failure of those who evade the fact that there can be no compromise on basic principles.”

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    Hi, I’m stricnin and I am an addict. I started using early in the Earthcore days. Back then there were only two major Dealers. Scott and that guy that did Pocket and the pendent. It started out as just somthing to lissen to as cleaned my room. I didn’t really understand addicts or addiction until I found my self doing anything to have it with me. I tried hard to hide the addiction put when I pulled the Pioneer stereo out of my car to replace it with a small PC with wireless internet access I was no longer able to hide it. What’s worse is that by the time Infection came out I’d gotten my 11 year old son addicted! (Lord forgive me!) What have I done?

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    I found Scott on I-Tunes at about episode 5 of Earthcore

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    I’ve been a fan from the start me

    and if you dont like it turn it of PUSSSIEES

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    …well ok, a BIG burmese dude named Brad burned Earthcore onto a CD for me for my move from Colorado Springs to Omaha…over a year later I’m itching all over and scratching at my veins for my fix. Great start in feeding my addiction w/the 1st episode of Nocturnal Sigler…you sick f*ck.

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    I discovered Scott before Itunes started carrying podcasts. I was using a podcatcher and was looking for interesting content. I think Podcast Pickle ranked him high and caused me to try it out pretty early into the Earthcore weekly release cycle. So I was probably onboard by Episode 7 or 8 and have been a faithful listener ever since.

    My son, Sam, is a huge Sigler fan. I let him listen to the Rookie and Earthcore…..but he is a little young (14) for Infection and Ancestor yet. Likely Nocturnal as well… he is NOT happy.

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    i think my friend was checking for a new ep of earthcore on a while ago and i just downloaded it a while ago.

    “What do you mean there’s nothing i can do, you mean im hooked on Scott Sigler’s podcast novels… im… a junkie…”- me

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    been hearing scotts voice and stories on escapepod. been seeing scotts books on podiobooks. saw him in iTunes. FINALLY got the message………started downloading all his stuff that was availible on iTunes and podiobooks. was futunate that i had NOT been subjected to waiting for the next episode until the LAST chapter of the Rookie. and now with NOCTURNAL, DAMN YOU SCOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I AM the Math god, never keep the Math god waiting………………………………..

    OH, and kill me if you dare………………..or at least you can try………………….


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    I saw Scott at the 2007 Baycon. He hosted a few panels.

    I had awhile ago heard an interview he did on Infection but didn’t pay much attention and forgot about it. Then when I saw him at Baycon and he started talking I recognized him. After that I checked out his podcasts and was hooked.

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    I didn’t start listening to Sigler until the PDF for “Ancestor” hit the feeds. Everyone had that baby in their show notes and I said, “6397 podcasters, can’t be wrong” so I downloaded and read it overnight.

    Then I started editing and harassing Scott’s publisher with my findings – but that’s another story.

    After reading Ancestor I read Earthcore and started listening to “The Rookie”.

    I’ll admit it … I’m Scott’s little bitch. Gimmie my crack, you bastid.

    Tastes Like Chicken

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    I found Scott Sigler after listening to 7th Son by his nemesis J.C. Hutchins.

    Keep it going Scott the first episode of Nocturnal is great!

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    I came into the podcast world only last year. I knew what it was of course, but the people telling me about it were kind’a artsy-fartsy, so I didn’t pay much attention.

    But – needing something other than music to keep my mind occupied during long runs, I happened to come across Podiobooks.

    Browsing through the site, I took notice of Earthcore – cool front pic (yes, that’ll do it for me every time), and possibly a nice level of blood’n’gore.

    It took about 1½ chapters, and I’ve ben a devoted Sigler-junkie ever since. I have been working hard to spread the infection, and the contageous ripples here in the north of Denmark are starting to spread – Sigler, We Hail You!!!

    Please Sigler, don’t be such a whiner – I need my fix, so don’t you DARE wait this long between books next time – pretty pretty pleeeaasseee.

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    The Signal had an ad for certain podcast that shall not be named save for the fact that it involves a certain number of human replicas and from there I was then properly redirected to the goodness that is the sickness of Sigler.

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    < -Hey Why no pictures showing up.? Or is it on my end. I'll have to check it out on my other machine... But I know exactly how I got here, and would love to hear or see someone mention something here that I had given them a Disk to listen to... On my XM radio, (That I just canx service on yesterday, due to Scott and Podiobooks & Podcasts, etc) David Lawrence mentioned that you could DL HERO’s from Itunes. From I tunes, I found the Linux Reality Show, Chess Mentioned 7th Son. 7th son brought me here… So someone that I don’t listen to, on hardware that I don’t use anymore brought me to the path of Narnia. Er..Narvana. Eh… Brung me here, to San Frantopia.
    Lion’s Tigers and Bears! Oh my….
    RPG’s, Shotguns, and Nukes….. oh yea…

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    Heard about Him on one of the many podcasts I listen to, started listening to Infection. Soon failed half of the classes I was taking.

    I wish I was an antibody, and you were a bacterium, then I could blow you away with my completment.

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    I happened to stumble onto Podiobooks while discovering podcasts and saw Ancestor. I thought it looked like Jerrasic Park (a book i LOVED), so i gave it a try. And you know what they say about drugs, once you’ve had one, you want to try more and different kinds. Thus, my becoming a Junkie.

    –Denver 4 President–

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    My boss got me hooked onto 7th Son, and I caught a few promos for some of Scott’s work. I was getting hooked onto podcast novel’s and needed some more to fill in my 1 hour commute 1 way into work. So from there on I was addicted to these type of medium, a junkie I had become.

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    Keri and les were talking about Ancestor and Infection, it sounded good and violent, and Keri was suitably grossed out so I gave it a shot.

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    I got turn on by Lynn and Cat of “The Lipstick Aliens Podcast” (currently on hiatas). They were always chattering about 7th Son, So I d/led a JC cast. And got hooked on that. Then I heard of The Rookie…and my life has never been the same.

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    I Live in LalaLand =) and my LaLa bunny told me about it………….aka XD, I was actully on Batsu a Jrock forum and there was a link saying goto and search up scott sigler for the best horrer, and i’m into horrer, so WATCHA here i am!

    *-GazeRock Is Not Dead-*

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    Work hooked me up with a free $50 gift card to Amazon. I have always loved reading horror novels and just happened to stumble on Ancestor. After reading the sypnosis and reviews I decided to give it and Earthcore a try. That was my first taste of Sigler and I must say I think I’m hooked now. I do believe I am in the fast lane to becoming a junkie.

    I’m tired of chasing my dreams. I’m just going to ask them where they are going and hook-up with them later.
    —Mitch Hedburge

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    When I bought David Wellington’s 13 Bullets, I got a bonus eMail containing a PDF of The Great Snipe Hunt. I was hooked within seconds.


    Zac Scott, Dictator for life of The Crumpet Society for the Advancement of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Tea

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    general mills gave me some Itunes songs and Dan Klass’ show was marked as comedy. on one of the shows Scott was interviewed and soon I was shouting Save Perry’s balls.

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    Yessir, I found out through the master himself. That’s right… I’m not a junkie after all! I’m a beta clone! And before this is all over all of you will bow before the REAL master of the podcasting world… Hutchins.

    Scientific progress goes ‘Boink!’

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    7th Son was also my gateway drug in the fall of ’06. ::drops to the floor at the sound of the gunshots:: Please don’t kill me Sigler’s better then Hutch. I discovered Sigler through an interview he did with Big O on the now dead Lostsucks podcast about a month later to promote the Rookie and the rest is history.

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    I was hooked by Ancestor, found it scrolling through podiobooks. And the need just grows with every post.

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    After I heard that episode I did a search on and downloaded everything Sigler and thus my decent into becoming a pod addicted junkie began (shakes fist in air) damn you Sigler damn you lol

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    One day I was bored and didn’t have any books to read so I went looking for some Sci-Fi thriller novels, one search turned up a somewhat vague podcast called “Earthcore”, the rest is history…

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    When I heard Hutch talking about what a stuck up little bitch Sigler was, I had to find out just how bad this dude was….
    …. it was a trap.

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    Maybe it’s been too long. Maybe the audio files have addled my brain. Either way, I can’t remember what tipped me off to these weekly (sometimes weekly) stories.

    I do remember that when I started I was able to go back and listen to all of Earthcore with episodes back to back. Ah… those were glorious days. Not at all like the waiting we have to endure for the next sweet hit.

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    you were my first audiobook on I Tunes. I then became a junkie, thanks

    It has introduced me to a world of talent. Thank you

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    I heard on escape pod the quest to take down the publishers and be number one on amazon I marked my calandar bought the book apr 1st (was a tad worried it was an april fools joke) and downloaded earthcore while I waited.

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    I was looking for audio novels on iTunes and found podiobooks. I worked through the fantasy, then made my way to the sci-fi. I can’t remember how I got to Scott’s stuff, but when I did, I was immediately hooked.

    "Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our lives."
    – C. S. Lewis

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    I found “” scrawled on a men’s room stall at a rest stop on I-90 outside of Erie. Imagine my disappointment when I finally typed it into a browser.

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    My wife told me about him when the rookie was just starting.

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    Looking on one of the presenters (Jason Bradbury) website when I came across a link to site. A quick read had me hooked and a few click later iTunes was downloading Earthcore 🙂 been a fan ever since

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    Yeah once you headover to lifehacker you just can’t really stop. They post like a million times a day different articles on better ways to do stuff, as well as lots of freeware/open source stuff and much much firefoxiness. Breeeeeeeeeeee!

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    Was listening to Shadow Falls – first season and they mentioned – Pseudopod. The first short story was Bagman and I was hooked.

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    I came to the light while at work. We used Mac and I was searching for something to listen to and stumbled across podcasts for the first time. I can’t remember what random path I took through the iTunes music store, but Earthcore was the first one podcast i latched on to. It had been running for I think 3 episodes. I subscribed then and have been hooked ever since.

    Profile photo of Brad P. from NJ

    Knowing that they have links to some of my favourite sites, like, makes me a bit more willing to head over there. So many good podiobooks…


    Whole Lot of Nonsense PodCast –
    UUCSH Sunday Services –
    Follow Me –
    Pownce on Me –

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    I blame itunes for my junkie status.I stumbled across earth core and now I’m hooked.

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    Along my eternal quest for free audiobooks and such, (badass site) lead me to which was great, the giant bloody blade on the cover of earthcore was shiny and caught my attention, as well as the 7th Son clone revenge story, so I decided to go back and forth between Sigler and Hutchins, Earthcore, 7S: Descent, Ancestor, 7S: deceit, and then I finished up all of Scotts stories… Yipee!

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    My Coworker – Natasha from the Pandemic Show force fed me the drug. I never looked back.

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    I found out about Scott Sigler through J.C. Hutchins’ 7th Son. He was talking trash about him that I had to decide for myself.

    Profile photo of Christopher Gallo

    I was looking around iTunes and I type in audiobooks. Luck for me Earthcore came up. And as the say the rest is history.

    Profile photo of Gmorky

    I also found out about scott’s work through

    Free was a nice enticement 🙂

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    Way back in the day, before Earthcore episode 1! In fact, I’m in the Acknowledgments! I am an OAOJ (Old-Ass Original Junkie), baby!

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    I learned of Scott Sigler this spring through Scepitcality. They had an interview with him just before the Ancestor release. Yes I know I am a late comer, blame it on being late to podcasting in general I would have converted to Siglerism much sooner hand I found podcasts sooner.

    In what I now know to be typical Junkie style I went out and emailed him over an error in the Ancestor PDF. He seriously pissed me off saying that the sun was coming up at 5:30am in November on BAFFIN F**^^*ing Island. I work the the north its dark at 7am now, and I don’t thing there is any place in Canada where the sun is up at 5:30am in November.

    I did not get in to his podcasts for a few months after that, I think I was running low and he came up on an other podcast so I gave him a shot. I was listing to Earth Core, infection and The Rookie all at once, after I had finished with Ancester. I think it might have been one of Mur Lafferty’s podcasts that lead me to Silger the second time.

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    I forget. That was such a long time ago. I was still going to U of A.

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    When Drew first started talking about Earthcore, I looked it up and was hooked ever since.

    Profile photo of Doug St.Cyr

    I decided to give podiobooks a try, and started with the most popular one that they had at the time, Earthcore. Well, I think everyone knows how the story goes from there, I got hooked and started scouring the net after that for every last Sigler story I could find.

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    My friend elmofromok suggested Earthcore and 7th Son to me when I was looking for something to listen to while I made the long drive to help my parents while my dad was in the hospital. I liked the sound of Earthcore’s premise better, so I fired it up when I got on the road. I was so into the story that I don’t remember the 4 hours between Oklahoma City and Dallas. That was the easiest that drive has ever been.

    The ways of the Lord are often dark but never pleasant.

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    That bag man WAS a strange story. Good though.

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    i found about the great scott sigler from my brother. he listens to your podcasts on his ipod. he had one on and i heard about and he told me he was making a new podiobook called the rookie. when he told me the first episode, i wne to the site and downloaded. i was hooked ever since! that was sometime in 2006. i hope that the great signer’s bok will all be in audiobook and braille formats someday so i can read the published versions. i’m visually impaired.Matthew

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    I was looking around Itunes for something new to listen to and came across Earthcore. I downloaded the podcasts and have been hooked on his writings ever since.

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    I lived in the Bajio region of Mexico – Morelia, Irapuato, Leon and our home, Cueramaro – for two very happy years. When I would travel by bus between the cities where I was working and living, I started listening to podcasts. I came across PodioBooks and from there, found Scott’s work and many others.

    It has been a great ride, even if I’m not taking the bus as much anymore! And I am always looking forward to more….

    At home – where ever I roam

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    i dont remember but im glad i did

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    Vera Nazarian sold “Mount Dragon” to _Escape Pod_ and told us about it, thus introducing me to podcasting and the wonder of having SFF to listen to on long, cross-country drives. _Escape Pod_ led me to Mur Lafferty and _I Should Be Writing,_ whereon she interviewed Scott, who either was finishing up _EarthCore_ at the time or had just finished it. I thought, Let’s see…no iPod, but at 45 minutes an episode this’ll fit on a CD, and hokey smokes, I can AFFORD this! So I downloaded _EarthCore_ from, and the rest is a tragic tale of dissipation, substance abuse, and wasted youth.

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    i think i googled something along the lines of “free audiobooks” out of sheer boredom stumbled on podiobooks brwsed a bit found ancestor and downloaded the first 5….i downloaded the entire rest of the book the next day. ive been hooked ever since.

    ~Do You Know How Many Birthdays There Are In a Year?…….Hundreads….Litearly..Hundreads,~

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    I think it must have been from one of the Dragon Page podcasts.. Most probably Wingin’ it, back when Sci-Fi was on the menu.

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    Don’t remember if it was comment in show notes or a story as both have happened. I think it was Episode 1 of Pseudopod which was Bag Man, but it could have been mentioned on Escape Pod that I heard it first.
    Vampires versus Werewolves in a browser based game

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    I’m pretty sure that I heard about Siggie on CC Chapman’s Accident Hash first. There or on Michael and Evo’s Wingin’ It, when that show was still being distributed.

    I just remember that whoever I heard it from had this manic edge to his voice. “YOU HAVE GOT TO LISTEN TO THIS!” So, I did. There was NO turning back at that point.


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    I first heard about it from one of the presenters on The Signal podcast ( Listened my way through Earthcore and Ancestor from podiobooks, then caught up with Infection while it was live. Loved the Rookie too 🙂

    Earthcore and Ancestor now also grace my bookshelf.


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    The first podcast novel I started listening to was…um……7th Son *ducks to avoid the objects being thrown at him*.

    On Hutch’s website I found a link to, and caught a promo to ‘Infection’ in the show. So I checked it out, and now I’m HOOKED! After getting caught up on ‘Infection,’ I went back and listened to ‘Earthcore’ and ‘Ancestor’ back to back…it was almost too much to absorb but I did it, damn it. 😛

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    I actually found Earthcore on I had just gotten my ipod (in March) and I found when I was researching getting my pod. I was super excited and I subscribed to a whole slew of podiobooks. I then had to make a trip to Louisiana (I live in ohio) and so on my long trip, I picked this book from the list of podcasts on my ipod…. and the rest is history. I’ve listened to all his books and as much of his short fiction as I could find. Love IT!

    Share your own Sigler addiction story.

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