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How could you not recognize the "Suh" in my username when giving shout-outs after ep 15?

  • Yup, fantastic game. Although, if he’d been coached right, he would have just fallen on the ball and the game would have automatically been over. If you score, you give the ball back to the other team and there’s still a chance they can win.

    Scoop and score from Big Suh to seal the Lions’ win over the Redskins!

    And, the guy who delivered the hit to pop the ball loose? Kyle Vanden Bosch, also from the Huskers. Now that the Lions are stocking up on good old Nebraska defenders, they’ll be in the Super Bowl any time now.

    But what I can tell you is…..WAR DAMN EAGLE BABY!!!! Auburn Tigers are 5-0 and going to whoop some Wildcat ass Saturday.

    But while I’m at it….GO JAGUARS! (I grew up in Jacksonville, after all, lol!)

    Aren’t they playing Boise State this weekend? It should be a good game, but I think that Boise is just too well rounded a team for the Lions to handle. I hope they don’t get bumped down to a lower division after this season!

    Tongue out


    …is frikin HUGE! I mean like “Perry Dawsey” huge.

    Abaddon, Baphomet, Samael, “that bitch who stole my wallet”… I am known by many names.

    If you can’t tell, I’m more of a Nebraska (and college football) fan than pro, but I HAVE to be something of a Lions fan now (ignore the fact that my NFL allegiance is to the Vikings, the Lions are now 1-A for me, since Suh is one of my all-time favorite Huskers. Being in the same division as the Vikes makes it tough, but I can do it…)

    Thanks for responding, I was just kidding, and didn’t really expect a response. But I appreciate it.


    Sorry about that. A lot going on right now, I am an idjit.

    I mean, come on, Scott! You’re a Lions fan (and a huge football fan), or at least I thought so. “Suh” (pronounced “Sue”) refers to Ndomukong Suh, beastly defensive tackle (if ever a defensive lineman should be a model for a character in the Rookie universe, it’s this guy!) out of the University of Nebraska who was the Lions’ #1 draft pick this past year. Invited to the Heisman ceremony as a DEFENSIVE TACKLE. Singlehandedly dismantled the Texas Longhorns’ offensive line in the Big 12 Championship game to the tune of 12 tackles and 4 1/2 sacks. Currently leading all defensive tackles in the NFL in sacks, AS A ROOKIE!

    This is a man you’ve got to know about, if you’re a Lions fan!! (Plus, he’s from the best college football program in the land, the Nebraska Cornhuskers!!!)

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