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How bad could DC traffic really BE on Jan 21?

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    Still pending all sorts of approval and such…  But heres to hoping! 

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     Even without the inauguration there’s still regular rush hour traffic to deal with if you’re coming down from MD or out of DC. 

     The day i moved out of the traffic madhouse of Arlington was such a great day!!  I’ll be coming north to see El Siglerisimo in Falls Church… can’t wait!!!!!!!

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    You did by bringing up the so-called big deal of the OSU Michigan "rivalry"

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    I went to bush’s first inauguration. getting around D.C. the next day was a nightmare (we tried to see the Jeffersonmemorial before we left…didn’t work out). and please don’t bring politics into this delhome

    -The OSU vs. Michigan game. 800 years of tradition and the rivalry is still strong as ever

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    people are stupidly paying for FREE tickets to see Osama Obama, I think there will be alot of morons (aka, speedbumps) getting in the way….

    The Platypus is a Semi-Aquatic Mammal

    "I have much respect for Delhome’s douchbaggery"

    -Scott Sigler

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    Greetings and salutations all.  

    While I’m sure everyone living in DC already knows that traffic is going to SUCK around Jan 20th (you know – that pesky Inauguration thing) and that the FDO already plans to just mow through the tourists in his Plaid Tanks, I just wanted to post a Public Service Announcement to any Junkies that are considering traveling to the DC area for the book tour.  

    Based on news reports on anticipated traffic before, during, and after the ceremonies as well as the general annoying-ness of regular Summer tourist season, you may (will likely?) have a tough time getting around in a timely manner.  Granted, anyone who lets a little traffic stand between them and a personal meet and greet with the FDO probably doesn’t deserve to be a Junkie, but I figured a heads up wouldn’t hurt.


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