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Houston Tailgate stop

  • Aw, damn, who picked that place? We better lace up our anti-hobo body armor to head over there. Well at least it isn’t during an Astros home game so there will be plenty of parking…but our cars might not be there when we come out. Wasn’t this supposed to be a family friendly venue? I don’t think this fits the bill. Can we change this to someplace else??? Somewhere where we won’t get hep-c by stepping off the curb.

    Hey for anyone going to the Houston tailgate we have any ideas as to where its going/should be held? There’s pleanty of Sports bars in the area. There’s also chicken places like Wings N’ More, Wings N’ Things, Wing Stop and Buffalo Wild Wings. 

    I’m also very very interested in meeting more Scott Sigler fans/followers. I’ll be bringing my peeps!

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