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Holy Crap OMG read This Friggin Question!!!!!!

  • Welcome to the fold!

    Hey Scott!

    First, I apologize because this isn’t really a question, more like a fan testimony. I looked through your forums and found this was the most active one, and likely my best chance to get you to notice me! (And not in a "Boy I’d really like to brutally kill that guy" kind of notice me.)

    When I was a kid growing up, the big bands to listen to were Metallica and Megadeath and all those classics. I followed Metallica for a while, but for me it was always just what everyone else was doing, and I never saw the attraction. In Junior High, I tried out for the football team. I’ve always been pretty athletic, but never really popular, nor did I ever care to be. So when some of my teammates tore off my helmet so they could kick me while I was down, I sort of lost interest in doing what everyone else does. 

    I skateboarded for 13 years, then got into martial arts. I’m now a Black Belt in Kyokushin Karate, a full contact no-pads no-gloves style of martial arts. The reason I do this is because I don’t have to rely on anyone else’s help. No team, no weakest link, just me and my training.

    So where the hell am I going with this?

    Well earlier I mentioned Metallica. The day that I had my awakening to music was much like the day I had my awakening from team sports and activities. Remember Nabster? Remember the fit they had that people were being allowed to listen to their music without paying?! What an outrage!

    Yea, that killed it for me, why should I support a band that has already made countless millions from their fans. It was clear to me that Metallica, as well as many other bands I’m sure, could give a shit less about their fans and what they want.

    So, enter the age of the internet. I have something like 1,000 songs on my MP3 player, and I have a 2nd MP3 player devoted to Audio books that I listen to on a daily basis. Of those 1,000 songs and probably the few hundred Audio Books I’ve listened to, I’ve paid $ for maybe 50.

    If I think that a band/author is good enough to listen/read regularly, and if I think they aren’t greedy selfish bastards, I support them by buying their disk/book. If not, download baby!

    Ok so FINALLY I’m getting to the really relevant part. 

    Yesterday I went out and bought 3 copies of Infected on paperback.

    3 copies!

    And I’m going to buy Contagious on the 30th. 

    I think your work is exceptional, you push the limits of what a reader generally finds acceptable. 

    I’m a big Dean Koonts and to an extent Stephen King (Dark Tower) fan. Your creativity is at or above their level, but you aren’t a pussy. 

    When I was a kid, Goosbumps by R L Stein? was scary. Then I got older, and got into Dean Koontz, and King, and they were a little scarier, or somewhat more brutal.

    Now I’m grown up, and I’m a Sigler fan. I do some writing in my spare time, and while mine are mostly Martial Arts Fiction, I can definitely see you as an influence in my future work, I think listening to you will help me de-pussify my own writing, and I thank you for that.

    To conclude this long-winded post, you just added a new fan, and as long as you keep up with podcasting, and providing your content for free, and actually giving a shit about your fans, I’m going to be here to support you. 

    Thanks Scott. 

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