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HOLY COW the Lions did it!!! 2-8!!!

  • By  (damn, let me pull up the calculator — figuring a 200% increase in wins each season…that’s 4 years, I think) 2013 – 2014.

    Go Steelers! Go Dawgs!

    All you who doubt my Lions can suck it. They have improved so much over last year that you can’t even measure it. It’s impossible to measure! Literally, an infinite improvement! 

    I’m glad for the FDO and the GD Detroit Lions. 

    I’m still mourning the Steelers — 3rd loss! This is terrible! 

    Go Steelers! Go Dawgs!

    HOLY COW the Lions did it!!! 2-8!!! And on another note Vikings go 9-1 by taking to Chicken Scissors to the Seahawks!!

    Go Detroit!

    Skol Vikings!

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